10 Hair Hacks every girl should know


Today I’m doing ten hair hacks. You gotta try them, they are just so good.


  1. Healthy hair starts on the inside. Knowing what vitamins are good for your hair is essential. Keep your body stocked on omega-three fats. So take sugar bears every morning to guarantee you’re not missing out on any essential nutrients for your hair.


  1. To clean your brush thoroughly, weed out all the fallen hairs with a comb or a toothpick. Then scrub the brush in hot water with an old toothbrush. A lot of grime hides at the brush’s base.


  1. For great smelling hair, use perfume, but none containing alcohol, which will dry out your hair. Using a dryer sheet will make your hair smell great.


  1. To make your pony tail look longer, tie half your hair in the usual spot, and do half your hair a little further down. It looks amazing from the back.


  1. Apply a hair mask before you shampoo is a great way to condition your hair without weighing it down so you still get your volume.


  1. It’s really bad to dry your hair with a towel. The long fibers of the towel cause friction and frizz. Instead, ring out your hair in the shower, then pat it dry with a t-shirt. The fibers of a t-shirt are much smoother and less damaging to your hair.


  1. Use hairspray on your brush to smooth your hair. To tame your baby hair in the front, apply some hairspray to a toothbrush and comb the hair back.


  1. Wengie trim split ends by twisting your hair until the split ends show from the sides. Then just clip away. The other method is the three-finger method. Grab a bunch of hair and lace it through your fingers. The split ends will pop up, and you can snip them off.


  1. To curl your hair, tie your hair into a pony tail, split it into sections, the curl the sections and let them fall.


  1. Use cornstarch or baby powder at night before you go to bed to deal with oily hair. In the morning, blast it with a blow dryer and it will all blow away.


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Handling Customer Complaints In Your Business

White Shark Media is a well known advertising agency, specializing in PPC advertising. The company has an established history of providing excellent service, and helping clients achieve great results with their advertising campaigns. White Shark Media has a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are highly dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


Although White Shark Media had issues with customer complaints in the past, things have changed for the better. The company is now able to resolve complaints effectively, and in a timely manner. The professionals at White Shark Media take appropriate steps to make sure the clients and customers are happy with the service they have received. To ensure the best outcome, White Shark Media take the following steps to resolve customer complaints:


Let the customer present their complaint without interruption. Do not try to cut them off while they are telling their story. This time is your chance to find out what it is they don’t like about the service they received from your company. And, don’t take it personally.


The customer wants your understanding and attention. You will not lose dignity or admit being wrong by assuring the customer or client that you understand their frustration. Keep in mind, you’re saying you understand why they feel that way. You’re not saying you agree with them. Customers will also be more receptive to the solution you propose.


The next step is to offer a solution to the problem. Never dwell on what you cannot do about the situation. You might even ask them what they would like you to offer as a solution.


And as always, it is essential to thank the customer for shopping with you. And remember, if the customer is happy with the resolution, they will tell everyone they know about the fabulous service they have received from you.


White Shark Media comes highly recommended in the industry and has top notch resources and industry connections to help businesses reach their advertising goals and boost revenue.


It is imperative determine your expected PPC’s objective and ROI, before deciding the maximum bid per click for each keyword. You need to pay close attention to your bid and your competitors’ bids to manage bids skillfully. The experts at White Shark Media encourages advertizers to sign up for their free Adwords evaluation so they can learn what works and what to avoid.


If you sign up for their step by step instructions on how to set up a profitable campaign, you will certainly learn a lot about running profitable campaigns and generating targeted traffic to your offers. Have a look at their website and get started generating traffic to your website.

Amazing Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Don Ressler

Having launched and run a series of businesses, Don Ressler has amassed a wealth of experience in the online retail arena. He co-owns and owns several successful businesses that are online based and his professional profile reflects a successful entrepreneur who has showed passion and dedication to his endeavors. Although he has tasted failure as well as success, Don Ressler has insisted on the need to remain positive and work towards the achievements of dreams.

The first business that Don Ressler launched, FitnessHeaven.com, was a success and marked the beginning of a period of success and tremendous growth. The company earned him good profits and within two years of establishment, it was already gaining in members. Don Ressler’s success at this venture motivated him to pursue something different and inspiring, which saw him sell FitnessHeaven.com.

Ressler’s motive while selling the company was to raise money for a different venture that would probably perform better and offer him a chance to explore other bigger markets. In 2001, Intermix Media took over the company and when he met the COO of Intermix, Adam Goldenberg, they decided to partner in future projects.

Both had prior experience and successes in the business world, so their coming together to do business only brought strong forces together. They proceeded and formed Alena Media on Brandettes, a marketing firm that worked with businesses within the U.S. In less than three years, they had made tremendous profits and were set to expand and do bigger things. This experience motivated them to look for capital for a different kind of business. The only way they found that would get them the required capital was through selling Alena Media and in 2005, the company was handed over to News Corp.

Retailing and beauty
With a lot of experience and capital at their disposal, the duo proceeded to their next idea, which was the launch of Intelligent Beauty, a company that offers beauty products on prnewswire.com. Intelligent Beauty has been performing well since inception in 2008 and they are hopeful they will expand to other markets in near future.

One of the most important businesses Adam and Ressler formed is JustFab, which began operations in 2010. The company is a subscription retail that offers beauty products in various categories. They have built JustFab and acquired a huge share of the market across America and Europe. The membership of the company stands at over 10 million and they are receiving more sign ups each day.

Seattle Genetics Eyes Major Expansion In the Near-Term

Seattle Genetics is busting at the seams as it announced the largest round of financing for its investors. According to the CEO, Clay Siegall, the company will offer $552 Million in public stock offering compared to $480 Million, announced earlier. The latest announcement came after massive interest by investors who are eagerly awaiting future developments within the company.

Clay Siegall explained that proceeds from the public offering will not only be used to expand its current product-line, but also to invest in people and infrastructure. Regarding manpower, Clay insisted that he has plans to hire 100 employees per year for the next five years. If everything goes according to the plan, the biotech company will have 1300 highly skilled employees by 2020. To accommodate these employees, the company is already looking for additional space close to its headquarters. Analysts believe that Seattle Genetics has already finalized plans to lease space at Canyon Park area of Bothell.

It is notable that Seattle Genetics is one of the oldest bio-tech companies in the area, operating since 1998. As yet, the company is not profitable as it posted a loss of nearly $47 Million in the second quarter of 2016. However, experts believe that investors don’t need to worry as the revenues continue to increase amid the success of the company’s products in the market. In fact, it is common for bio-tech companies to take a long time to turn revenues into profits.

Clay Siegall also confirmed that their strategy focuses on the long-run profitability. His company is particularly well-known for the Cancer drug Adcetris, which is becoming very popular in treating major cancer-related symptoms. As such, Clay Siegall played an instrumental role in the development of the drug.

Clay is a well-known bio-tech expert who worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991 to 1997. Earlier, Clay also gained experience at the National Cancer Institute. Besides holding the title of CEO at Seattle Genetics, Clay serves at the board of various prominent medical and bio-tech companies, which includes Alder BioPharmaceuticals and Mirna Therapeutics, among others. Clay Siegall earned his PHD from George Washington University.

Hippeas’ path to becoming an internationally loved snack brand


hippeas flavors snacks livio bisterzo


Many food and beverage brands often disappear a few months after their launch and a few that manage to stay often slog for months or years before major retailers recognize them. Hippeas is an exception, and is among the few brands that can be considered to have hit the market big time—out of the blues.

‘Modern hippie’ inspired branding

The identity and the name of the Hippeas brand have been largely inspired by the modern ‘hippie’ generation. The brand has integrated the iconic smiling face of the initial ‘hippie’ era with a few tweaks for today’s audience. The visual identity is comprised of a bold yellow face laced with different colored tongue to signify the wide range of flavors that make Hippeas stand out as a brand among consumers.

Early sales boost Confidence

Having been conceived in 2015 by Livio Bisterzo, Hippeas has already secured shelf space in over 18000 stores from Whole Foods Market, Starbucks, WH Smith, Amazon (US), Waitrose (UK), and Boots, Holland & Barett. While critics believe that such a rapid and broad distribution out of nowhere is never a guarantee of success and can be a risky move for a new brand—which according to them need to go deep before going wide—early sales prospects is giving the company the confidence to move with speed, especially if there are adequate supplies of organic chickpeas to meet their rapid expansion plans.

The spirit of giving back

As part of their social corporate responsibility, the brand has collaborated with Farm Africa, a recognized charity organization that’s focused at improving the welfare of local farmers in eastern Africa. For every pack sold, Hippeas donate a portion to the farmers to help them eradicate poverty and build more flourishing lives for themselves and their families.

About Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo studied Arts at the prestigious London University of Arts. He began his entrepreneurial journey in 2003 when he started an events business. He went on to create a bigger business portfolio ranging from consumer brands (Little Miracles, Kyoku for men) and hospitality (Pollen St, Maddox Club) to other lifestyle ventures. In 2015, he founded the Green Park Holdings, a reputed food innovation company with a goal to creating pioneering multichannel food and beverage brands.

By and large, Hippeas has what it takes to remain a globally loved snack brand. It embodies every global snacking trend out there and delivers a powerful storyline to the millennial audience.

Dick DeVos Charity Boosts Passion for the Arts

In a time when the arts seem to be falling to the wayside in the eyes of many Americans, businessman Dick DeVos and his charity The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, are working to pull attention back to this important area of human growth and inspiration. Art is more than a fun hobby. it is a way to release ones’ inner strengths and express in a way not found elsewhere. Without art, we would not have many of the great inventions that we rely on so heavily in today’s machine-heavy society.


With his foundation, Dick DeVos helped his son create the well-known ArtPrize event. For more than two weeks, art from all over the world comes to the Grand Rapids’ area to cover three square miles of the city. To help bring visitors into the art world and make it more than a spectator event, a $200,000 grand prize is awarded to the piece voted on by the public. A second prize is awarded to a Grand Jury selection winner. The event has been called a ‘must see’ event by national media outlets like Time and CNN and now welcomes nearly half a million visitors.


This is just one of the many great events sponsored by Dick DeVos and family. Together, the DeVos family has helped raise millions of dollars for the arts, the local community, and even had a massive impact on the local economy. More than money, Dick DeVos’ charitable work is helping to shed a light on the importance of things such as art in our society. Too many schools are looking to cut this fundamental course from their curriculums when the benefits are greater than a dollar sign.

InnovaCare Health and Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are private health plans that are contracted from the government that pay a fixed amount per person. They are often plans that supplement Medicare and other health insurance. Often those that are under 65 use this plan to have affordable supplemental health insurance.

There are different type of Medicare Advantage Plans. They often pay Part A and B like Medicare but have different rules and restrictions. They have a limit on out of pocket expenses and many cover benefits that Medicare may not. Many of the plans have co-payments where the patient must pay a certain amount when they receive services from a doctor of hospital.

The most common Medicare Advantage Plans are Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations,and Medical Savings Accounts. The plans do not cover hospice care. Many plans cover vision, hearing, dental, and prescription. You can join a plan with a preexisting conditions except for End Stage Renal Disease.

InnovaCare Health is a leader in managed health care services and Medicare Advantage Plans. They service North America with quality services. They provide patients with quality managed medical care. Rick Shinto is President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. He has 20 years of clinical and operational health care management. He has a medical degree from the State University of New York and an MBA from University of Redlands.

Read more: Meet Our CEO

In July 2016, Penelope Kokkinides joined the team as Chief Administrative Officer. She has over two decades of government healthcare experience. She has developed clinical programs and managed the operation of these programs. She worked as Chief Operating Officer at CenterLight Healthcare where she headed the managed care division. She worked in management for AmericaChoice a division of United Healthcare. There she served as Corporate Vice President For Care Management and Disease Management.

InnovaCare Health recently jointed the Healthcare Learning and Action Network. This network wants to design a US healthcare payment models based on quality of services not quantity. InnovaCare Health supports payment reform. They want to have 30% of payments go into a new alternative system by 2016. They will measure there efforts by participating in the Lan Nationwide Data Collection Effort.

InnovaCare Health has a deep commitment to moving healthcare forward. They provide health care solutions that are cost effective and innovative. The new payment system wants to pay providers based an quality not quantity. For Medicare Advantage Plans the company will participate in the quantitative data survey and categorizing payment according to the AMP framework.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health: http://innovacarehealth.com/leadership/penelope-kokkinides/

Gooee IoT Lighting Maximizes Productivity

Gooee is gaining a lot of ground because this company is linked to innovation in the lighting industry. This is the company that has presented the first of IoT lighting. This is lighting that is controlled by a simple switch. The thing that has made this type of lighting a big deal is the way that it can cut costs.

The IoT lighting is smart lighting that can be linked to data. There are so many things that can be done to maximize productivity when it comes to lighting up a room. With these type of smart lights

IoT Platform

Gooee is able to provide data metrics. This can be great for a corporate environment that may be trying to pinpoint where the most work is being done in the office. Energy costs are drastically lowered, and this is where the real interest in Gooee IoT Lighting comes into place. A lot of people are going to see the benefits of connecting with a company like this because this organization puts some real numbers behind the innovation that is being brought forth.

Billions are being spent on global lighting, and there is a great need for this type of smart lighting to replace the traditional lighting. Gooee IoT lighting is something that can provide added value over the time that it is being used. This concept dives into the cloud platform that people are embracing, and that is going to give companies the chance to cut costs and even maximize productivity levels.

InnovaCare Health: Providing Quality Healthcare For Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries

The option to use private health plans to receive their Medicare benefits has been available to Medicare beneficiaries since the 1970s. Today a growing number of them are using HMOs and PPOs to get their Medicare benefits instead of going through original Medicare. Those benefits include payment for in-patient and outpatient hospital services, medical supplies and equipment, skilled nursing services and hospice care. Unlike original Medicare, payment is made through the federal government and not the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Since 2003 that alternative method of receiving treatment and making payments has been known as Medicare Advantage.

One of North America’s leading managed healthcare service providers is InnovaCare Health. The company has shown unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality care to Medicare Advantage beneficiaries by using the best physicians and most advanced technologies and sustainable, cost-effect models. Through their Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs and Provider Networks InnovaCare Health InnovaCare Health is showing how proper healthcare management can meet the complex needs and challenges of modern healthcare.

Under the inspired leadership of CEO Dr. Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare has pleased both Medicare beneficiaries and the federal government. The care they provide is marked by a patient first approach, strong patient-provider relationships, innovative medical practices, effective communication and quality medical staff. The result is healthier outcomes, improved quality of life for patients and consistent growth of the organization.

Read more: InnovaCare Health | LinkedIn

Dr. Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides provide experienced leadership, clear vision and accountability to all stakeholders. This has enabled InnovaCare Health to overcome the toughest challenges while consistently providing quality care. Both Dr. Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides have many years of leadership experience in the healthcare industry and it shows. Ms. Kokkinides has spent 20 years in the managed care industry running government programs and developing and managing clinical programs and healthcare processes.

Dr. Shinto has spent decades in leadership positions in healthcare companies. Prior to working with InnovaCare Health he worked with Aveta Inc., Medical Pathways Management Company, MedPartners, Cal Optima Health Plan and many other companies. His areas of expertise include clinical and operational healthcare, medical management and managed care. Dr. Shinto also has an MBA and many years experience as an internist and pulmonologist and has published extensively.

Behind the solid leadership of CEO Dr. Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides InnovaCare is making Medicare Advantage work well for patients, staff and all other stakeholders.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=225431891

Jennifer Walden Feeling Better Because You Can

There is a reason why people think Jennifer Walden is one of the best surgeons in America. It is because of her dedication and survival. It is because she loves people and wants to help them be their best. She loves teaching others how to look and feel younger. She enjoys being one of the super doctors in Texas.

Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon that began her medical career in New York. She worked there for several years and made a name for herself. Helping an Ear, Nose, and Throat surgeon gave Jennifer Walden the start she needed to make a name in Plastic and cosmetic surgery. She also learned how to speak in front of a crowd. Jennifer is very good at public speaking. She is one of the feature guests on ABC and other shows monthly. Jennifer is also the owner of a satellite office in Texas.

Austin Texas is the hometown of one beautiful and successful cosmetic surgeon. She is the mother of twin boys and she loves sports and outdoor activities. Jennifer works towards helping others to be their best. She repairs people when they are hurt. She helps others when they want to feel better about themselves. Jennifer also helps people to look better than ever before. Botox is one of the systems she uses to help people look and feel better without surgery. The botox works to help reduce wrinkles without surgery. Injections fill the lines and creases in a face and neck to help someone look ten years younger immediately. It does not last forever but it does last a long time. There may be some bruising at the injection site but it will fade.

Botox is not the only thing Jennifer promotes that helps people feel and look better. Jennifer also loves that she can speak openly about women and their private areas. She helps men and women understand how women feel about their bodies as they age. There are ways that men and women can understand the importance of being your best and even going thru rejuvenation if necessary. Jennifer Walden can help anyone to understand what they need to do to feel better about themselves and each other.


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