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Music Makes Medicine Work for Everyone

There’s a few things which people typically have trouble talking about openly. One of these is anything related to mental health. And the other is matters of business and finance. It’s quite understandable that talking about financing research into mental health issues might be difficult for some people. But at the same time, the world can be thankful that there are quite a few brave pioneers who push past those boundaries. It’s the reason why some charities exist which not only allow important research to be done, but which also bring a lot of happiness to the world. While there’ many charities out there like this, one of the most important is Autism Rocks.

There’s a lot of reasons why Autism Rocks is so important. But if one had to narrow down the reasons than it would probably culminate in a man named Sanjay Shah. Sanjay has been known for quite a few accomplishments in his life. Ask people in the business sector and it’s certain that they’d instantly recognize him as the president and CEO of Solo Capital. Ask quite a few stars of the pop cultural landscape and they’d name him as a great friend. But ask the people who know him best and they’d probably answer that he’s a family man. And that’s what led Sanjay to found Autism Rocks.

Like most parents Sanjay wouldn’t change a single hair on the head of any of his children. But Sanjay is also facing a burden that most parents couldn’t imagine. His son was diagnosed with autism when he was still quite young. And since that point Sanjay has had both the duty and the privilege of learning about what it means to be the parent of an autistic child. But unlike most parents Sanjay was in the perfect position to leverage his career into something amazing.

Sanjay was hardly alone in realizing that the path to understanding between the autistic and the non-autistic is paved with medical research. But he was unique in having contacts in both the business world and the entertainment industry. Something amazing was born when both of these were combined with a desire to fund research into autism. Most of his celebrity contacts were more than eager to lend their talents to a good cause. And he didn’t have to look far to find people interested in scheduling private performances if it meant money would be going to a good cause. And when all of this came together Sanjay found himself creating Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks isn’t simply a charity aimed at autism research. It’s autism research done for the right reasons. And those reasons are born out of love for family and an earnest desire to understand rather than to force people with autism into a specific mold. And this might well be why Autism Rocks is so much fun. It’s people having a great time doing the right thing.

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The Fun World of Jon Urbana’s Tweets

Jon Urbana made a name for himself in the world of NCAA lacrosse, and for his camp. He now is known for his work as an entrepreneur and lacrosse trainer (read Jon Urbana’s bio at Next Level Lacrosse Camp). His Twitter account covers a host of different topics beyond what many would expect. In all honesty, his Tweets uniquely refreshing and far from boring.

One of the best aspects of Urbana’s tweets is they have a tendency to be positive and upbeat. A simple tweet about “hot chocolate” is going to help make people smile and feel good – not a bad way to commence the day. The tweet also leads to a nice picture that shines in its artistry.

Sports and sports-related humor do appear in the tweeting. At CrunchBase, Jon Urbana asks a semi-serious, semi-humorous question about the names of sports teams. He wonders aloud why some teams are named after cities and others are named after states. Maybe the deal the team had with the local government plays into the decision. Each team surely has its own story.

Urbana also tweets about a very serious bit of news that is traveling through the sports world. Rumors abound over the fixing of games in the professional tennis leagues. If these rumors turn out to be true, professional tennis could lose millions of fans and all their accompanying cash.

To repeat, Urbana’s tweets cover more than just sports and so does his Facebook profile ( Urbana does seem to really enjoy modern music and he consistently lets his followers know about new music he is listening to. A tweet about the official music video to “ODESZA – It’s Only (feat. Zyra)” is something people who enjoy modern music will want to check out.

One truly offbeat tweet reveals 16 unique maps that paint brilliant pictures of Tokyo. Tokyo is one of the most amazing cities in the world so it is always revealing something new about itself.

And then there is a video about how to “accomplish anything”. Haven’t there been a lot of videos produced on this subject? Yes, but how many of them deal with making accomplishments in life while staying on a hoverboard?

Yes, Jon Urbana really has something special going on with his tweets.

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The auctions for the late king of pop gloves are the mega sales that will remain in the history of outstanding sales. The sale for the glove started at $ 20,000. According to his greatest impersonator Sergio Cortes, the event is not the first where Michael’s gloves fetched $402,000 at the auction ground. The value of both sales is incomparable. Maybe in 2009, the news of the stars death was still in the top headline.


Sergio confirmed that Michael wore the gloves in his famous shows like moon walk. The show memories of hilarious dance steps remain in the minds of his fans. The glove has some facts and history attached to it still memorable. Michael used the globe on his one hand for him once said he didn’t see the need for using two gloves when he could still use one. The glove was auctioned on 30th of July.


Sergio also noted that Michael wished to have a painting of the glove with famous personalities like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Albert Einstein. A friend of Michael known as Mr. Paul Bernard made the wish a reality by presenting Michael with the painting for his mansion.


Sergio confirmed the rare and crucial details of the Michaels gloves in an interview with In an article published by the journal, Sergio Cortes upheld the auction took place in Nate D. Sanders. The auction finished at quite a good price of $20000. Although incomparable with the great 2009 sale, the price was still impressive. The bidders who won the auction were given the gloves together with some other items that belonged to the late king of pop.


According to, the other items that accompanied the sale include photos of the singer wearing the glove and an authenticated statement that showed that Bedard was the real author of the paintings. Sergio Cortes says the event marked a significant mobilization for the current days in learning Michael’s auctions. Cortes also hinted that the winner also received a prototype of the beat its jacket worn by Michael in his Bad album. Sergio Cortes is a great fan of Michael Jackson. He is also the greatest impersonator of the late king of pop. The Spanish-born artist is contactable through his Facebook and Twitter accounts. He is talented with a similar voice and lookalike to that of Michael Jackson.

Because They’re Family

You wouldn’t feed your children processed foods full of preservatives every day, would you? Of course, you make the occasional box of macaroni and cheese, but it’s not what they live off of every day. Why? Because you love your children and want to set them up for a healthy life. Dog and cat owners everywhere admit that their pets are like family to them. They want to feed them what’s best and give them the longest life possible. That’s why so many people are switching from dog and cat foods filled with grains and preservatives, to more nutritious, healthier, better tasting foods. There are many brands of dog food that offer top notch nutrition including Beneful, Purina Pro-plan, Blue Diamond, and many others. Beneful foods offer a variety of flavors that your pet will go crazy for. But you know that while good taste is a benefit, it’s not the most important part of your pet’s food. Most good owners are interested in meeting their pet’s individual needs. If you go onto the Beneful website, you can choose not only flavor, but you can also choose food for a variety of purposes depending on whether you want your pet to gain or loose weight,and whether you are feeding a growing puppy or an aging adult. Many other dog and cat foods offer these same kinds of options. All to often, our pets lives are shortened by simple ignorance as to what pet foods actually offer the best nutrition. Your pets are your family members, and most good pet owners want to feed their pets the best. With the right research and information, you could be on your way to prolonging your beloved pet’s life, because he’s not just a dog and she’s not just a cat, they’re family.

George Soros And The Career He Paved For Himself And Others


George Soros is one of the richest and most successful hedge fund manager in the industry. His successful trades of earth years have made him a legendary part of the investing industry. In his early days, he worked mainly as a railway porter and a waiter. Working mainly out of London, nobody would have thought he would be the richest in hedge fund managing years later. He owns the family office and continues to be strong in investing. Soros Fund Management is the name of this very successful $30 billion assets from the company. Scott Bennitt is the man who has ran this management company for the last four years, but he sure does plan to move out with his very own fund. George has promised to seed that fund with at least $2 billion to get started. Once that takes place, Soros’ son will take over the current fund.

Just a quick look at his life will show you how amazing his success truly is. George is an entirely self made billionaire, received a Bachelor of Arts in London when he was younger, and has received numerous awards and recognitions for being one of the richest people in the world. He was the #16 on the Forbes 400 for 2015, #29 Billionaires, and #2 in Hedge Fund Managers.

All of this money, however, has not yet gone to waste. In fact, he is very supportive of the Democratic Party and continues to support those who are Democrats. Soros provided more than $2 million dollars to help back up Hillary Clinton this 2015. He continues to support Hillary in all of her options to grow and potential become the next President of The United States.

Soros only began to start supporting progressive programs back in 1996. He wanted to help those organizations out who mainly focused on targeting drug legalization and immigration policy reform, along with end-of-life programs.

Back in 2000 when he finally retired from the business, he realized that he and spent around 20 years or so of his life helping others and himself earn billions in multiple forms of business. He knew from before that his knowledge could benefit others, and so he utilized his knowledge to create multiple books in publication to share his secrets and approach to business. “The Alchemy Of Finance” by George Soros was published back in 1988, and it was a perfect book to get started on understanding the world of finance. His two other book, “Soros On Soros: Staying Ahead Of The Curve”, “Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism”, and “The Bubble Of American Supremacy: Correcting The Misuse Of American Power” were huge successes that all showcased his superior knowledge. You can also read his regular contributions to the New York Review of Books.

George Soros’ illustrious career had created a huge spellbinding and thought provoking truth that anything can happen in the world of business. It’s an open marketplace to make millions and even billions if you’re in the right market. George is one billionaire worth following in the footsteps of if you’d like to achieve true success.

George Soros Questions Europe’s Actions Concerning Syria

Source: MarketWatch


The way the immigrant’s situation is being handled by some of the leaders of the EU countries is not the best. Some of the immigrants have been subjected to inhuman conditions in the name of waiting to find if they are eligible for asylum. The situation has prompted some of the major human rights activists in the world to take notice and give a piece of their mind with regard to the matter.


George Soros is questioning the way the immigrants from war-torn Syria are being handled as he was victim of similar circumstances. Being born in Hungary at a time when the country was suffering from political anarchy. According to Investopedia, George Soros fled from Hungary to England in 1947 after the country got invaded by the German Nazi for security purposes. He started off doing manual odd jobs to cater for his college fees. He got to the London Business School which is one of the best schools in Europe. After graduated in 1952, he acquired an entry level investment banking job at one of the banks London. His pursuit of a better life took him to the USA where he got a job as an analytical and funds management personnel for several banks in New York. Later, he decided to pursue private business interest. His organization, the Quantum Fund, has continued racking him millions of dollars way before he retired. Currently, he is actively involved in philanthropy as a way of giving back to the society.


According to George Soros, Syrian asylum seekers should be prioritized when it comes to giving of asylum due to ongoing war situation. However, other refugees and immigrants seeking asylum shouldn’t also be ignored as they are also human and need help too. The strategy should be global and should involve and enlist the authority Of the United Nations. He goes on to say that the Syrian refugee crisis would be better if all the parties involved shared responsibility of granting asylum to the displaced refugees. If the strategy proposed is put to good use, it would act as the blue print for future. However, the current EU plan is a total mess and has failed to address the refugee issue fully as it is supposed to be.


George Soros says that EU should consider financing is the North African region. Countries like Morocco in North Africa are some of the proposed countries. The region presents its fair share of immigrants to the EU countries, particularly to Spain. George Soros says the countries do not need to directly financial assistance. Creating commercial zones that involving trade increases productivity and job opportunities to the nationals of these regions as well as attract investors. As a result poverty level in the areas is reduced. Consequently less people will be interested in seeking asylum to European countries if they living conditions are favorable. A donation of about 10 billion euros per year will be enough to cater for all the expenses and offer a financial solution for those seeking asylum in Europe as immigrants.


The Fight to End Bogus Patent Protections

As of November 2015 Kyle Bass, a hedge fund manager, and attorney Erich Spangenberg filed challenges to patents created by Fresenius Kabi USA. The petition filed argues that the pill using the formula of Diprivan, an anesthetic that uses silicon based stoppers and is noted for its non-reactive closures unlike its non-silicon based counterparts,is dubious at best. This design difference, Bass and Spangenberg argues is the difference between generic and name brand drugs, a difference that is costly for the average patient.

In a response to Bloomberg BNA regarding the petition Bass states that the patent system as a whole is the issue and that it “…continues to allow zombie drugs to live on almost endlessly regardless of genuine innovation.” To continue the fight against ‘zombie’ patent protections Bass and Spangenberg have created The Coalition for Affordable Drugs (CAD), which has so far challenged 33 drug patents. The ultimate goal for CAD is to bring attention to the abuse in drug pricing and the federal over site that perpetuates the monopoly of patents. Biopharma companies and thier nonprofits have counter argued that the influx of challenges by CAD is an attempt to flood the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s inter-parties review process for personal financial gain.

The Useful Stooges article, “The frantic investments of a desperate gambler” highlights Bass’ connection to despot leaders and dishonesty as a hedge fund manager. His connection and defense of Argentinian leader Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who has recently allowed her country to default on its debt, the second time in a span of 13 years calls into question his financial ethics. This question of ethics continues with his defense of General Motors. When the company admitted that some cars were knowingly equipped with faulty airbags Bass suggested that it could have been the passengers fault, because of drunk driving or refusal to wear safety belts, that the airbags did not deploy.

The article continues to note the lawsuit Bass’ hedge fund company is involved in due to shady business practices and a bipartisan bill that is moving through Congress to close the loophole the CAD company has used in filing its patents. The loophole allows Bass and Spangenberg to short-sell drug companies stocks and then sue the same company which allows for the stock to decrease and Bass to achieve higher financial returns.

To date the Patent Trial and Appeal Board has rejected Bass and Spangenberg’s patent challenges.

One Life To Live Soap Opera

One Life To Live is a soap opera that was set in the fictional town of Llanview and began airing on ABC over 40 years ago in 1968. One Life To Live has went on to be one of the most popular television shows and is probably the top rated soap opera of all time. The show followed the lives and relationships of the Lord family as well as many other families. The Lord family was a very wealthy family from Llanview that owned and operated many local businesses including the regional newspaper.

One Life To Live had many many characters over the years. One of the most popular characters on the show was Stacy Morasco played by the very talented Crystal Hunt. Stacy was the sister of Gigi who was another very popular character on One Life To Live. Stacy worked as a stripper in Las Vegas before moving to Llanview and setting her sights on another main character Rex. Although Rex was already taken Stacy made it her mission to become not only Rex’s love interest but the mother of his child as well. After much plotting and scheming Stacy succeeds and becomes pregnant with Rex’s baby only to miscarry soon after. After her miscarriage Stacy is not ready to give up on Rex and becomes pregnant with another mans child and passes it off as Rex’s. However Stacy’s plan is short lived when she suffers a series of unfortunate events before ultimately dying in a freak lake accident after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Her Facebook page says that Crystal Hunt played Stacy on One Life To Live from 2009 until 2010. She did however appear as Stacy’s ghost on OLTL for many years after the characters death. Before playing Stacy on One Life To Live Hunt also played on another soap opera. Hunt played Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light from 2003 until 2006. During that time she also played in the movie The Derby Stallion in 2005. In 2007 Hunt played Dinky in the movie Sydney White and in 2008 she played Hannah in the film Brooklyn to Manhattan. After her role on One Life To Live Hunt also went on to play in many other movies. In 2014 she played Molly in the film 23 Blast and in 2015 she played Lauren in the very popular film Magic Mike XXL. Also in 2015 Hunt produced her first feature film called Talbot County with fellow actress Dania Ramirez.  Check her out on Famous Birthdays to keep reading more.

Adam Sender– Shares His Vision With the Art World

Adam Sender has established himself as the champion in the world of art collecting for his ability to choose the pieces of art that will sell incredibly well. Yet, his talent is not that cut and dry. One could say that it is not a talent at all and that he really just chooses the pieces of art that he loves most and allows societies love for him to dictate how much his art goes for, which is a lot.

He has gained quite an enormous reputation in the world of art collecting to complement his incredible achievements in the world of managing hedge funds. His talent as a hedge fund manager has ultimately given him the status that is needed for some of the world’s greatest art collectors to depend on his word and tastes as a guiding light to what is cool and popular. Ultimately, he is one of the rare, few people that have the ability to choose art that they absolutely love and put it on a platform for all to see, enjoy and purchase at heights that are not typical for pieces produced by unknown artists.

Adam Sender has always had a great desire to purchase the world’s finest art. His illustrious career as an art collector came about in 1999 when he was willing to pay $100,000 for the rights to a photograph. This photograph sold for $2 million, nearly 15 years later, yet it is his willingness to pay such a high price for a photograph introduced a new set of ethics of purchasing art to collectors and consumers alike. His success as a hedge fund manager didn’t hurt either, where he has made billions of dollars for his thousands of clients over the years. As soon as you walk into his office, you are introduced to a plethora of amazing artwork that set a tone for his investors and employees that could not be set any other way except for by art. One could say that it is his art collection being displayed at his hedge fund offices that inspire other influencers of the world to gravitate towards his particular style of art.

Being a man that knows what he loves and goes after it is the very foundation of his success as an art collector. He truly enjoys the art that he purchases and people enjoy him and the mood that they are persuaded into feeling by visiting his offices or just existing in his presence.

It is extremely important to Adam to promote pieces of work that are extremely sentimental to him. His goal is to give artists that deserve a shot the greenlight to other art collectors to enjoy and indulge. One could say that being a tastemaker is his real talent, for it has served him well in the world of investing and it continues to serve him well in the world of art collecting. It is very rare for art collectors to purchase any piece of art that is not endorsed by a plethora of people in the art world as well. When everyone follows this mentality of following what others say, it leads to a league of people that are going nowhere fast. With Adam Sender, it is different because he actually has a direction and he is willing to share that direction with the art world and guide them into following his vision.

Top 4 Vacation Rental Tips

WorldEscape is a qualified family-managed company, having been in the online accommodation booking company ever since the internet craze began. The company knows everything that it offers, and they always have individuals on the ground. If you have any query or would need some assistance navigating the website of the company or
making an enquiry, do not shilly-shally to call the company directly through the live chat, email or telephone service.

If you are planning a vacation, renting a luxurious condo instead of staying in a hotel can save you a lot. In addition to that, you will have more space to rest and enjoy your home away from the city. Leasing a vacation home is, in particular, a smart preference if you are travelling with your family. Below are the tips that will help you get the best out of the vacation you want to rent.

Choose a popular rental destination

If you are anticipating for sensational savings, your best bet is to choose a destination where there are several vacation rentals on the market, maintaining prices be competitive. London is one of the top locations in Europe.

Do not send money until you sign formalities

When leasing a vacation home in London, you are not supposed to send any cash until you have signed your rental paperwork. It is also a perfect idea to check out if the individual you are transacting with is trustworthy. Inquire for references, and carry out some investigation on their website and their track record. Specialized real estate agents manage several homes, and for that reason, rental paperwork should entail all the legal information you require. If you want to rent from the homeowner, there should be a lease for you to put a signature. Go through the fine print carefully. Check out if there is a cancellation policy if you need to leave early. It is also a good idea to find out whether it stipulates the time you will get your deposit back.

Know what is inclusive

Many rental homes will tell you that everything is inclusive; however, you need to double-check to ensure that there are no hidden charges. If utilities, cable and the internet are inclusive, find out whether the home has WIFI and high-speed internet. If you are renting a house that has a pool, ensure that the pool is heated and find out in advance who pays to heat the pool, because that can get costly in the winter seasons.

Have an emergency contact person

Your rental contract is supposed to include an individual to contact if your dishwasher spoils or some other problem with the house. It should as well stipulate the time frame for fixing any major problem. You do not want to rent a house and have a water heater spoiled and ended up with cold showers for some weeks. The details should also be posted in the contact book inside the property. Ensure that you have a phone number and email address of the person to contact and if possible have a second person as a backup.