Organize Your Life With Wengie

Spring has hit! So you need a fun sunglasses display! Get a picture frame, some fairy lights, some wire, and some push pins. Remove the back of the picture frame and place push pins where you would like your sunglasses to hang. Use the wire to trail across the push pin, down, then back across. You can wrap your fairy lights around the wire when you’re done and hang up your sunglasses to enjoy your new sunglasses display!


Make more use of your space with hangers and a chain. Hang each hanger on a different link of the chain to make even more closet space for your clothes!


Wengie suggests organize your cords with toilet paper rolls and duct tape to make it look pretty! Label each roll with things such as headphones, camera cord, etc.. You now have storage for all of your wires just floating around!


Make amazing shelving with empty crates! Cover the inside sides with scrap paper and spray paint the bottom of the crate, then remove the tape and paper. Use wrapping paper if you wish to decorate the remaining crates! Just stack them on top of each other to make a shelf, nail them if you would like them to be sturdier!


Make your very own custom white board! Take a picture frame and remove the display image and replace with colored cardboard of your choice. Replace the back and you have your very own DIY white board!


Some other things you can DIY yourself to organize your room are a DIY caddy, a storage saver, wrapping storage, power board and note board! Enjoy your DIY room!

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