The Importance of Reputation As Discovered By Lori Senecal

Businessmen and women have to find some kind of way to get customers to their company. Fortunately, there are many methods. However, the overall method to bringing people to the company is word of mouth. With a good word of mouth, the customer is going to find the professional and work with her. In many cases, all that is needed is a good reputation. The customer will discover the professional through what he hears about her. This was the case with Lori Senecal who has revealed in an interview that her first customer found her because of what he has heard about her. More details can be found on Adweek.

Lori Senecal at the time of her first customer had the reputation of knowing her strengths and weaknesses. She has also shown herself to be willing to take on new opportunities and challenges. This is one of the influential factors behind her success with more advertising companies like Crispen Porter + Bogusky. Another trait that she attributes to her success is her relentless nature. In many cases, the key to success is to be persistent. Lori is an example of someone who achieves her goals by actually following through. She also shows that she is very reliable as a businesswoman when she recently spoke at the 3% conference.

Given that she is very passionate about building effective ad campaigns for her clients, she is very effective in increasing the revenue for her clients. When customers see their ads, they are compelled to visit the company. Therefore, the client makes money from the customers, then more trust is gained towards Lori Senecal. Then Lori is able to gain even more customers to work for. With the amount of customers that Lori has gained, it is safe to say that she has shown herself to be reliable with the type of work that she has doone with her clients.

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