How Knowledge Is Very Important To Beliefs

One thing that could be said about beliefs is that it is important for people to know about what they believe in. There are a ton of people that claim to believe in their kabbalah secret religion. However, they don’t know what they believe in because they haven’t taken the time to read or study. As a result, there are a lot of teachings that go around that are false. At best, they are teachings that may sound good on they surface, but are ultimately just inaccurate. Then there are cases when people come up with dangerous teachings of wisdom that cause a lot of issues in the community and society.

This is one of the reasons that the people of the Kabbalah restricted the Kabbalah. Traditionally, the Kabbalah has been restricted to devout students that are over the age of 40. The reason behind this is that the teachings he Kabbalah contains a lot of information that could be very dangerous if misused. Therefore, it is important for people to have some level of maturity and wisdom before they can be granted this type of knowledge. There are a lot of ideas in the Kabbalah that could really change the way people look at the world to learn more: click here.

However, there are a few people that feel that the restrictions may be a little too rigid. This has resulted in the founding and the opening of the Kabbalah Centre. This allows more people a chance to look at the teachings of the Kabbalah. One thing that could be said about the Kabbalah is that it intends to unite all faiths and religions that have been established. One way that they intend to do this is by recognizing each of them as a piece of universal knowledge.

One thing that could be said about the Kabbalah is that it does not come to divide religions. It instead seeks to find common ground among the religions so that people could be encouraged to learn wisdom from many different religions without any worry of hostility.

Goettl’s Effort to Help People be More Energy Efficient

Summer is arguably the most beloved and most hated time of the year simultaneously. On one hand the sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky, and everything seems like it’s going to be alright. On the other hand the sweltering summer heat can seem at sometimes inescapable and you’re just praying for the season to be over with.

Summer is usually not conducive to the act of saving money either. The cost of staying cool and comfortable is not a cheap price at all. keeping your houses cooling system running all day and all night can really take a bite out of your wallet.

Luckily, Goettl has some ways you can beat the heat and save money doing it.

Proper AC Maintenance

Nothing is more important than keeping your cooling system in good condition. Even the most high quality HVAC system will begin to give out over time. This is why keeping up with the maintenance of your system is such a huge priority. No one wants to be caught in the middle of summer without any cool air flow. Though you can DIY most of the time, it’s never a bad idea to have a professional come look at the system.

Use a Ceiling Fan

The use of a ceiling fan is perfect for being energy efficient. They can effectively improve cool air circulation while also helping to cut back on energy cost.

Position of Your AC Unit

It’s best to position your AC unit in a shaded area. If it is someplace where it receives direct sunlight it’ll have to work that much harder to keep you cool, thus, shortening its lifespan.

About Goettl

Goettl is an HVAC industry leader that was founded in 1926. It has dominated the state of Arizona since its founding with an unwavering dedication to serving people. They want to help people be more energy efficient through the blazing heat of summer.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund’s Quest for Protected Human Rights

A peculiar background story revolves around the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The Fund, which solely exists to put the authorities in constant legal and political problems, was inspired by none other than one of the sheriffs who administered the then great country, Mr. Arpiao. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin caused the end of that cross sheriff who had detained them.

The two, who happen to be veteran journalists, sued the state for wrongful detention, losing and appealing till they finally got to the 19th court hearings at the Supreme Court. They won the case and were awarded 3.7 million dollars as compensation for the infringement of their rights. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Ultimately, the sheriff’s action inspired the two litigants to finance other such litigation against not just the county but the rest of the United States as well. To do it legally, they opened the Michael and Jim to create the awareness that rights;

  • are expensive,
  • should be universal
  • should be equal
  • should not be abused
  • should be fought for, in their case, sued for

Mr. Arpaio failed the administration he served when he misguidedly arrested the two illegally. The arrests majorly revolved around a personal feud among the three parties. The officer had been exposed to other criminal activities he had been perpetrating without consent from the government. The veteran journalists had exposed him off;

  • Abusing his mandate to use violent reasonably to subdue resisted arrest
  • Mistreating the persons, he took to county jails
  • Being racist towards the Hispanic community

The court declared the arrest conducted by the sheriff to be without probable cause. The two, amused by the fact that government could lose in court, decided to set up the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The Fund primarily benefited the Hispanic community who had been getting a rough time enjoying their rights as immigrants.The fund also issued financial and legal support to other civil and human rights groups, societies and organizations pursuing the same cause as for them. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Indeed in the United States are numerous societies and unions that put in concerted efforts in assisting migrants facing discrimination across all America to defend their rights. The American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU)is one of the most vibrant of these societies. Its efforts standout since decades ago.

It has dispensed litigation assistance for immigrants who endure unfair legal persecution. The Union also collects, documents, and exposes all cases possible involving discrimination against the 41 million immigrants. According to the Unions website, 83 percent of these immigrants get deported without due process.

The organizations selectively determine the most critical cases to facilitate in litigation to draw certain lines and outlaw the denial of immigrants voice and indefinite detention. Such organizations include the Puente Arizona. The Puente Arizona approaches these kinds of cases even more strategically. It profiles them for the use of either;

  • Open-hand policy
  • Closed-fist policy.

The closed fist is often reserved for special draconian laws and infringements involving especially detention and deportation.

Racquetball’s Guiding Principles By The Word Of Sawyer Howitt

Focusing on becoming a racquetball professional since he was a child, Sawyer Howitt delivers some of his guidelines for others to make their game better.

He pointed out most people must be willing to set aside sufficient time and energy to expanding their strength and vitality as well as their zest on the court. He called attention to how many people miscalculate just how strong they must be to compete.

He revealed working out at least a few hours each day will be essential and plan on not getting into great shape for several years.

Researching to advance your path is also crucial to success as much as setting a goal that will bring in the outcome you would like.

According to Howitt, people must cultivate a detailed plan to achieve a change for the better.

Sawyer Howitt emphasized the importance of finding an outstanding coach as most athletes credit their accomplishments to a coach who trained them. He recommends using referrals for finding a coach and advises it may be necessary to travel or to relocate to find the appropriate help.

He also called attention to researching the applicant’s personal history, experience and education and carrying out interviews before making a decision as to which coach best meets your specific needs.

Howitt counsels you after you have set up a plan and united a team, a tremendous amount of racquetball practice is your next step as the only way to make your skills better is to acquire some practice on the court on a regular basis.

He also indicated the importance of finding a sponsor to fund the journey and recommends work as a coach even though you may not be as good as the coach you hire.

A senior in high school in Portland, Oregon, Sawyer Howitt in known as a young racquetball prodigy. The greater part of his skill comes from participating on the Lincoln High School racquetball team in the Oregon State High School Racquetball Championships.

Howitt is a project manager at the Meriwether Group, which his father founded. The group advises, mentors and guides entrepreneurs of consumer brands.

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The Innovator Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is a strong force in the world of medicine and healthcare. He started his college career by graduating in 1985 from Yale University with a BS, BSEE in Math and Computer Science. Tananbaum graduated from Harvard with a MBA in 1991 and a Doctor of Medicine (MD) in 1989. In 1989, he graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with his Master’s. In college, he showed a great interest in math and electrical engineering along with computer science. Jim Tananbaum believes in merging hard science and computer science with healthcare. Jim Tananbaum has formed numerous healthcare organizations in hopes to fight and cure diseases that are effecting people all around the world. The company he is focusing mainly on right now is Foresite Capital which he are the founder and CEO of. According to Biz Journals, this company searches for emerging healthcare that they supply Capital to and information. The biggest company Foresite is invested in right now is Intarcia. Intarcia is working on a twice a year type II diabetes implant that can help patients control diabetes and reduce weight. Before being an investor, Jim Tananbaum co-found and co-sponsored multiple companies in the healthcare industry.

Recently, Jim Tananbaum sat down with INC42 to talk about work and everything else that is going on with him. Tananbaum started off by talking about where he got the idea for Foresite Capital from which he explained that it all came from over 25 years in the healthcare business and being a healthcare entrepreneur along with an investment strategist. In all the questions asked to Tananbaum, he always accredits his passion of the innovation of healthcare. For instance, when asked what excites you, his answer was innovations in healthcare and when asked how he brings ideas to life, Tananbaum answered, looking for innovation leaders in the healthcare field. Tananbaum explained that not a lot of synergy caused a bad experience at work and how he wished he believed in himself more during the start of his career. Tananbaum also explained how much he wants entrepreneurs to continue to push themselves and become innovators.

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Thor Halvorssen Seen as New Face for Global Human Rights Movement

The New York Times once called him “proudly politically incorrect,” and that nicely sums up who Thor Halvorssen truly is.

The founder of the New York City-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF) continues talking loudly for those people around the world, whose voices have been silenced by dictators and other tyrants destroying their nations and the basic human rights of their people for further greed and political gain.

Mr. Halvorssen has seen it all and experienced some difficult moments as he tells the

He logs many friendly flier miles, sneaking into places he really shouldn’t, like the time he and his cameraman jetted off to Ho Chi Minh in 2010 to interview ThichQuang Do, the father of the banned Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, who had suffered under house arrest for 28 years.

Mr. Halvorssen had quietly made his way into the monastery and procured a fascinating interview with the patriarch. Upon his exit, Vietnamese authorities were watching and nabbed Mr. Halvorssen detaining him for quite some time, until he could convince the Vietnamese police that he was in fact, merely a Buddhist seeker. Hr. Halvorssen claims he was beaten badly during the detainment, while his cameraman had luckily escaped out a side door with the video card hidden on his person.

Mr. Halvorssen has traveled the globe trying to help dissidents and political prisoners as he shines a glaring light on those nations who force their people to live under ugly despotism.

He goes after the “big boys,” like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, whose citizens live in constant fear for being taken to one of the country’s unspeakably horrific prison camps, for the most minor of offenses. It is believed that some 200,000 remain imprisoned there, in an East Asian country ironically called, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea .

Thor Halvorssen has had his life threatened many times, and others have tried to label him this or that. In his mind, he is not a conservative but more of a “classical liberal” in the John Stuart Mill philosophy.

To learn more, visit HRF.

The Purpose Driven Life of Eric Pulier

Mr Eric Pulier is creative innovative and a think tank. His life from writing computer code in fourth grade, starting a database company while in high school, to modern day, depicts this description. Pulier is a distinguished entrepreneur in business and government technology. He is also a public speaker and an author. Mr Pulier’s startup companies have attracted the most respected venture capitalists globally. Pulier has some accolades to his name. VAR business has recognized him to be among the 30 e-Visionaries. He is also associated with the Bill Clinton Global Initiative and heads the Enterprise Leadership Council.


Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey and went Harvard University to study American literature and English. He worked at Harvard Crimson as an editor while taking classes at MIT.


Business Ventures.

One of the most revolutionary startups from Pulier was the XPrize program.This program uses crowd power to leverage on people potential in solving everyday problems through innovation. Earlier on, this technology was only accessible to the business organizations and the government, but it has been made available to individuals through smartphone platforms which have achieved profound results. Pulier founded other various ventures, including Akana, Desktone, and Media Platform among others.



Pulier understands the role of giving back and uplifting the less fortunate. Noticeably, Children are close his heart.He has foundations to support children with chronic diseases, for example, those hosted at the Painted Turtle camp. He has made sure despite their ailment, they never miss the fun in their young lives. Using his technology prowess, he has integrated online communication in his foundations to facilitate communication between the sick children and their peers who suffer from the same disease.


A Respected author.

Anything valuable in life has to be shared. There is nothing valuable as knowledge. Pulier has unselfishly shared his business acumen in his book Understanding Enterprise SOA. It is a critique acclaimed book due to its readability, relevance to the subject matter and in-depth insight. He has also shared his knowledge in the Forbes.


Mr Pulier’s Legacy is complete. From setting up successful companies, creating foundations to give back, sharing his knowledge through books, public speaking and creating the first collaborative live feed from a space shuttle, this man will leave a significant positive footprint behind. Learn more about Eric Pulier.