The History of Sweetgreen as Told by Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is one of a trio of co-founders behind the work being done at the high-end salad chain, Sweetgreen. Founded over a decade ago, Sweetgreen has grown into one of the most prominent and high-potential restaurant chains in the country.

Blending analytics with an honest and healthy approach to food has given the Sweetgreen team some very real credit in the industry.

Sweetgreen is now on the verge of going national, leaving behind their solely Northeastern roots, and that deserves a closer look and some examination for the team guiding them to this point. Let’s talk about Nathaniel Ru and how his hands-on approach to management has changed the direction of the company.

We can trace the success of Sweetgreen back to the humble origins of the company. Sweetgreen was founded by a trio of students who had been attending Georgetown University together. Nicolas Lammet, Jonathan Nieman and Nathaniel Ru had all met and gotten to know each other during a class on entrepreneurship at Georgetown.

Over time they began to put together the concept that would eventually become known as Sweetgreen. Their goal had been to put something together that was healthy, filling, and fitting for the crowd that they wanted to attract: hungry college students that were always out and about and on the go.

The trio of students workshopped the idea until they were comfortable with approaching a potential establishment to host their first building, an old tavern located on M Street.

When Ru decided to lead his team to the M Street location he did so knowing full well that it was a long shot to acquire a lease. After all, Ru and his team were barely a month out of Georgetown and as fresh-faced as graduates tend to be. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

It took persistence on the part of Ru and his team in order to get the landlord to accept a sit-down meeting to discuss their goals. For a wonder, the landlord was receptive and gave them the opportunity to put together a real business plan complete with backers. If the Sweetgreen team could make that happen, they would have the location of their dreams.

Now, years later, we can see that Sweetgreen was more than just fortuitous, they were prepared. Sweetgreen brought with them an approach to food that hadn’t been attempted by other entry-level startups.

Sweetgreen focused on the tech side of things while embracing being as healthy as possible. The result? A farm-to-table startup that was embraced by the younger generation.

Nathaniel Ru’s Sweet Greens

Sweetgreen began as an idea, became a healthy place to eat, and continues to be an idea. The company’s goal is not simply to be a place that sells healthy food, but to be a company whose locations are connected to their surrounding communities.

For example, one of their locations at Dupont Circle in Washington started playing music outside the store and now hosts the annual Sweetlife Festival that draws upwards of 20,000 people.

Nathaniel Ru and company believe that their business ought to be a benefit for the company, the customer, and the community; to that end the company has emphasized sustainable agriculture while promoting itself as a lifestyle brand.

Sweetgreen does things a little differently than most restaurants. To begin with, the company picks its opening locations and times carefully stand out from the crowd. The restaurants themselves have an open kitchen to let customers see what goes into the food. And, as Ru says, they try to sell a “personalized, consistent service to each customer”.

As a result, their locations have lines out the door full of people waiting for salad. There’s something different from most restaurants: Nathaniel Ru and company have managed to turn salad into a draw. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

Sweetgreen gets its attractive salads from sustainable agriculture: they ask the farmers in a region what they’re growing, instead of asking the farmers to grow something. This gives customers a chance to try a vegetable they might not have tried before. For example, in the Salinas Valley people grow broccoli but usually till the leaves back into the soil.

They’re edible, but nobody wants them — until Sweetgreen came along and asked about them. Now the customers have a menu option that they never would have thought of before. Each Sweetgreen location uses local ingredients to form a simple menu that is sustainable and satisfying.

Nathaniel Ru is the son of a Chinese father and a Mexican-American mother. He graduated from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in 2007, and started Sweetgreen the same year with his friends, Jonathan Newman and Nicholas Jamme.

Currently his business has 64 locations across the Untied States, in Maryland, California, New York, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Illinois, and Virginia. Ru is a frequent speaker at major business conferences.

Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogue

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George Soros Contributions To Address Social Concerns

Looking at George Soros philanthropy works across the world, it is quite evident that his charity works have a deep rooting in his past. Soros spends his childhood years in the Nazi-occupied area of Hungary. As a young adult, Soros immigrated to London where he spent some time before finally moving to the United States of America where he currently resides. While living in America, Soros started trading on wall street and eventually became successful.

Wall street made George Soros an immigrant American a lot of wealth. In 1992, Soros gambling against the British pound earned him mainstream media attention. Soros believed that the British pound was overrated therefore he placed a $1 billion bet against the currency. The aftermath of this chance led to the rapid devaluation of the money as the British bank was aggressively selling the pound. For individuals who don’t know, this is where Soros earned his name ‘the person who single-handedly broke the bank of England.’

With the wealth he acquired, George Soros shifted his focus on supporting various humanitarian and charitable causes across the globe with the emphasis being put on the promotion of democracy on a global scale. In 1984, he set up the first open society foundation in Hungary’s history.

Soros has been one of the biggest political donors in support of the Democrats. In 2016, Soros was a huge backer of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid; he made considerable donations to Hillary’s campaign. Other than his support for Hillary, Soros also supported many Democrats who were vying for various elective posts while at the same time campaigning against Trump’s election bid.


Most of the funds he provided the Democrats went to different political action committees. Soros has been supporting various Democrats and their political agendas as a way to exercise his style of championing for democracy.

Soros is known to make significant donations to the Open Society Foundation every year. The donations to this foundation average $850 million each year. Soros drastically changed the amount of money he donated to the Open Society Foundation when he increased his contributions which is as a result of changes made to his estate planning. Read more about George at The New York Times.

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The Great Achievements of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of high technology solutions to correctional facilities. The firm has worked together with law enforcers with the aim of helping them efficiently handle criminals and law offenders in the United States. The company aims at using the modern technology to improve the law enforcers solve crimes and prevent all the various unusual activities that take place in different correctional facilities. According to a recent report from the individuals involved in enforcing the law in the correctional facilities, a vast number of people that have used the services of the company are profoundly pleased with their efficacy and affordability.

The management team and staff members of the correctional facilities are now accessible to be monitored, and in case they engage in any corrupt activities, serious action can far be taken against them. Besides, the gadgets that Securus Technologies offers to its customers play a huge role in helping investigative officers collect valuable information to solve the various cases filed against the accused.

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An Ecommerce Recommendation Engine Can Act Like A Personal Shopper For Your Visitors

An e-commerce recommendation engine does exactly what the name implies; it creates personalized recommendations for online shoppers based on their previous purchases. Recommendation engines using artificial intelligence (AI) are already in use; Facebook will suggest people that you may know using AI technology, which uses your other friends as a basis to decide who to suggest. YouTube also suggests videos based on your viewing habits. Recommendation engines may also make suggestions based on the prevailing norm; people who bought item A also bought item B, therefore, if you bought item A, you may like item B as well.

An e-commerce recommendation engine is extremely helpful for individuals who operate an online store. When customers go to checkout, they see additional options based on their initial purchase. Marketers are also using e-commerce recommendation engines to personalize emails, suggesting products that the recipient is likely to purchase.

The latest in AI technologies for e-commerce recommendation engines uses a combination of previous behaviors and real-time data, providing a more personalized service for consumers who are shopping online. For example, a person looking at different styles of black leather boots would find his or her shopping experience more personal if the boot selections were rearranged to show all of the black leather boots first.

AI technology is ideal for e-commerce merchants because it can act like a personal shopper. The technology learns in a way that is similar to the way people use their brain to learn. A good salesperson in a brick and mortar store will see that a shopper is drawn to tweed skirts in brown, so the salesperson will steer the customer toward similar skirts and suits. If other shoppers who bought brown skirts also bought white blouses, the salesperson will remember this and suggest white blouses as well. AI technologies work the same way as the salesperson’s brain does, incorporating historical data and real-time data to make personalized recommendations and act like a personal shopper would for his or her client’s.