Fabletics Taking On Amazon As They take Over Woman’s Athletic Clothing

Fabletics is the hottest name in women’s athletic fashion. And behind this fast-growing company is one of the most unusual co-founders of any company, an actress who rose to fame in a film called “Almost Famous.” Well for Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson, her A-list status now stretches from Hollywood to Main Street.


Founded in 2013, Fabletics rose from near obscurity to a $250 million dollar athletic fashion powerhouse. The story of this unusual company started when the founders of TechSytle Fashion Group – Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg – wanted to start a brand that mixed athletic and leisure aesthetics. At the time, there was no such “athleisure brand” in the marketplace.


In order to sell this brand to the masses, the TechStyle Fashion Group founders turned to the first person they thought embodied the brand – Kate Hudson. And much to their surprise and elation, Kate took a hands-on approach to developing and selling the brand. This wasn’t the usual “endorsement from a celebrity.” The three Fabletics co-founders worked together to disrupt the marketplace.


Beyond the usual promotions and advertising, Fabletics innovated a new marketing strategy to bring their product to the masses. Known as the “reverse showroom strategy,” the brand targets customers who browse online and then buy products at a physical store. Also, when a customer tries on an article of clothing at a store and doesn’t purchase, the item is stored in the customer’s online shopping cart. This strategy helped increase the brand’s conversion rate.


Fabletics has grown like wildfire in their less than five years in existence. In fact, the company grew an astonishing 644% in 2016 alone. Today, the company has over 1.2 million members in addition to the consistent foot traffic coming into each of the Fabletics physical locations.


Of course, none of this success wouldn’t have been possible without the star and endorsement power of Fabletics co-founder and actress Kate Hudson. Known as one of the most physically fit actresses in Hollywood, Kate Hudson is a workout enthusiast who enjoys athletic activities like pilates and yoga.


Today, Kate Hudson continues to be active in the management and promotion of Fabletics. The company is also continuing to grow their product line while also expanding to more physical locations worldwide.


For those interested in Fabletics, you are encouraged to try out the “Lifestyle Quiz” on the Fabletics website. The quiz will match your lifestyle with Fabletics clothing that best fits your needs.

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