Boraie Development: Solving New Jersey’s Housing Woes With Great Apartment Homes

While the housing market in the United States is going through a time of uncertainty that sees some areas with a glut of houses while others are experiencing a severe housing shortage, New Brunswick based Boraie Development is helping to provide viable solutions to helping the state of New Jersey to address its real estate needs. The innovative residential developments Boraie Development has built are some of the state’s most popular. The company is helping to ease some of the pressure New Jersey’s real estate market is experiencing. Boraie Development is providing desirable apartment homes in some of New Jersey’s most densely populated cities.

A recent Philly Purge article pointed out that the percentage of foreclosed and delinquent mortgages in New Jersey is among the nation’s highest. The situation is complicated by the fact property values are rising and homeowners are trying to hold on to their houses a little longer so they can make a bigger profit when they sell. At the same times jobs are opening up in cities throughout New Jersey and people need places to lives. To meet that need, Boraie Development has built thousands of gorgeous, conveniently located, apartment homes with all the amenities and people are flocking to them.

Long before the housing crisis started, Sam Boraie saw potential in the downtown areas of many cities in New Jersey. When he founded Boraie Development in the mid-1970s, built its headquarters in downtown New Brunswick and started buying up and redeveloping block after block of burnt-out, dilapidated, abandoned buildings, even the city government laughed at him and thought he was crazy. But Omar Boraie envisioned downtown New Brunswick as a bustling, economically vibrant community where businesses do a booming business and young urban professionals raise their families. For more details visit Crunchbase.

According to Patch, today, Omar Boraie’s vision is now a reality in New Brunswick and a number of other cities throughout New Jersey where Boraie Development continues to design and build spectacular residential properties. Plus, Omar Boraie was mindful to develop ample Class A commercial properties to accommodate the growing number of businesses that have begun flocking to New Jersey’s once drab and barren urban landscapes.

While homeowners facing high interest rates struggle to pay their mortgages, Boraie Development is tapping their private sources of finaninge, partnering with excellent, experienced architects and contractors, building stunning apartment homes near transportation hubs and providing top-flight ancillary services including marketing, property management and sales.

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Jeremy Goldstein Talks About Compromise In EPS

The constant struggle between corporates and their employees when it comes to wage increments and incentives has always been a matter of concern. Employees working at companies want to be able to advance and grow in their professional career for all the hard work that they put in, but sometimes, the corporate side of things don’t work out as planned. This constant back and forth between the parties can lead to a rise of hostility and tension which is not a favorable position for any company to be in, which is why the need to reach a middle ground is prevalent.



EPS was one of the solutions that companies started implemented to be able to grant incentives to the employees working with them. These incentives were based on the ratio of stocks and employees, thereby giving employees a template of how much they can expect to get as bonuses or incentives. Many major companies all over the world have implemented this system since it gives employees an estimate that they can look forward to, and prevent them from putting forward excessive demands that the company cannot fulfill.



Jeremy Goldstein, a prominent corporate lawyer from New York, had recently penned an article about EPS and its implementation in corporate structures. Having worked with a wide range of corporate clients through the course of his career, he understands the hurdles that parties face, and also the measures that can be taken to remedy the situation.



In the article, he outlined how EPS has become the preferred option for many companies, and how it has led to the increase of shareholders who are choosing to go in for companies who are applying EPS to their employee policy. This has led to profitability and benefits for the company, the shareholders, as well as the employees.



He also pointed out that there are a few drawbacks that can come in the way of EPS functioning effectively and the people at these companies benefiting from that. EPS for one only account for the number of incentives that people will receive, not what parameters a person will receive these increments on. It also has no guidelines about who gains the incentives and on what grounds, which leads to the added disadvantage that some employees may not get these incentives because of corruption that tends to happen at the workplace. Employers may choose to only give these incentives to those employees who they favor, and not necessarily to the ones that truly deserve it. This can lead to some unforeseeable hardships on the part of the employees, leading to more disruptions and tensions between the parties.



Jeremy Goldstein further outlined that the best way to ensure that all parties are satisfied is by coming to a standard resolution. Learn more:


Barbara Stokes Helps Secure Fema Contract

If you haven’t heard of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, it is a relief construction contractor headquartered in the city of Huntsville that was recently awarded a $28.5 million-dollar contract by Fema and the United States Department of Homeland Security. The contract, which entails building modular homes to support hurricane Harvey relief efforts has created several manufacturing jobs throughout Alabama, as well as Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Minnesota, and Florida. How did Green Structure Homes of Alabama beat out competition vying for the same government contract? Well, Green Structure Homes of Alabama, which is headed by CEO Barbara Stokes, as well as business partner COO Scott Stokes, has built a reputation for manufacturing innovative homes in the aftermath of natural disasters. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Founded in 2008, Green Structure Homes of Alabama is a leader in disaster relief solutions and a company that attributes quality engineering, innovation, and manufacturing techniques to their industry success. The company’s CEO, Barbara Stokes has been instrumental in making Green Structure homes one of the most sought-after relief construction contractors in the industry. She is a Mercer University Alumna, who studied Biomedical and Medical Engineering, and in 2000, earned her Bachelor of Science in Engineering. She also studied building design, which comprised of courses in manufacturing and management, as well as thermodynamics, and structures and properties of materials. These courses have afforded Stokes a knowledge base that makes her invaluable in the day to day operations at Green Structure Homes of Alabama. Read this article at

In addition to her educational background, Barbara Stokes also gained industry experience while working with renowned companies like Boeing and the Pisces Corporation. While working at these respective companies, she broadened her breadth of knowledge in areas related to construction and management, and also developed leadership skills that play into her role as CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama. As far as the contract with Fema and U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Barbara Stokes is honored to support the government in their efforts to provide quality housing to displaced Americans, in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey. Stoke’s enthusiasm for giving back to the community is probably not surprising to the people that know her best. She has made several donations to charities based in Huntsville, AL, and has worked as a volunteer in several of the city’s communities.

What’s next for Green Structure Homes of Alabama? Well, the government contract that they secured requires that the modular homes being built to support hurricane Harvey relief efforts, be completed by March of 2018. So presumably, that is the company’s primary objective, at least for now.

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Into the Philanthropy Game: Jason Hope

There is no denying the fact that technology plays an increasingly important role in our lives. Several jobs now include sitting in front of a computer 8 hours a day, and children are being given tablets in primary school. Our main form of connection is now talking, texting, and communicating via social media sites over our mobile devices. Jason Hope is one of the people who has been following these trends and has been successful at predicting which trends will catch on next.

Hope started to learn about emerging technologies and innovation after he graduated with his MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. He is considered a futurist and prominent investor in the sector, and he has single-handedly helped hundreds of companies determine their investment strategies in technology and innovation solutions. He has made millions by detecting trends and getting on board with new, emerging tech, but now he has set his sights on philanthropy as another way of helping the world.

Even though Jason Hope is now in the philanthropy game, he has still focused on technology and new innovations the field. This shows by the organizations he is choosing to sponsor. Starting in 2010, Hope started to donate to SENS, and in that year he gave the foundation a half-million dollars to open a new research facility in Cambridge. Oddly enough, the SENS Foundation has one goal in mind: anti-aging remedies.

These remedies are not your everyday infomercial facial creams and diet supplements, however. SENS is heavily involved with trying to keep age-degenerating diseases from ever affecting humans again. By stopping these diseases, they would help millions of people across the globe to keep from aging more rapidly than they otherwise would. This, in its own right, would be a new Fountain of Youth. Because of the technological and scientific requirements of new discoveries such as this, Jason Hope was more than happy to donate. Since 2010, he has donated over $1 million to this cause. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance on the Internet of Things

Jason Hope continues to donate and work with several organizations and foundations that aim to make the lives of people better and invest in new emerging technologies. He gives annually to several charities, including the Arizona Science Center (where he also serves on the Board), the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the T Gen Foundation. He will continue to go wherever new technologies take him, and his aim will always be the betterment of humankind in the future.  Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

Equities First Holdings Has Great Subsidiaries Worldwide

Equities First Holdings has great subsidiaires worldwide that they have been able to help people in a lot of countries. They have offices in the UK and Australia where they can help people, and they have an asset management division that can help people with their larger investments. loan.

Equities First Holdings has all these subsidiaries because they believe that that is the best way for them to have the biggest impact on their clients. Someone can have one account with Equities First, but they can be working with more than one side of the company.