Boraie Development: Solving New Jersey’s Housing Woes With Great Apartment Homes

While the housing market in the United States is going through a time of uncertainty that sees some areas with a glut of houses while others are experiencing a severe housing shortage, New Brunswick based Boraie Development is helping to provide viable solutions to helping the state of New Jersey to address its real estate needs. The innovative residential developments Boraie Development has built are some of the state’s most popular. The company is helping to ease some of the pressure New Jersey’s real estate market is experiencing. Boraie Development is providing desirable apartment homes in some of New Jersey’s most densely populated cities.

A recent Philly Purge article pointed out that the percentage of foreclosed and delinquent mortgages in New Jersey is among the nation’s highest. The situation is complicated by the fact property values are rising and homeowners are trying to hold on to their houses a little longer so they can make a bigger profit when they sell. At the same times jobs are opening up in cities throughout New Jersey and people need places to lives. To meet that need, Boraie Development has built thousands of gorgeous, conveniently located, apartment homes with all the amenities and people are flocking to them.

Long before the housing crisis started, Sam Boraie saw potential in the downtown areas of many cities in New Jersey. When he founded Boraie Development in the mid-1970s, built its headquarters in downtown New Brunswick and started buying up and redeveloping block after block of burnt-out, dilapidated, abandoned buildings, even the city government laughed at him and thought he was crazy. But Omar Boraie envisioned downtown New Brunswick as a bustling, economically vibrant community where businesses do a booming business and young urban professionals raise their families. For more details visit Crunchbase.

According to Patch, today, Omar Boraie’s vision is now a reality in New Brunswick and a number of other cities throughout New Jersey where Boraie Development continues to design and build spectacular residential properties. Plus, Omar Boraie was mindful to develop ample Class A commercial properties to accommodate the growing number of businesses that have begun flocking to New Jersey’s once drab and barren urban landscapes.

While homeowners facing high interest rates struggle to pay their mortgages, Boraie Development is tapping their private sources of finaninge, partnering with excellent, experienced architects and contractors, building stunning apartment homes near transportation hubs and providing top-flight ancillary services including marketing, property management and sales.

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