Malcolm CasSelle: Digital Technology Industry Leader

Malcolm CasSelle is a man that is able to claim a level of success that few individuals ever retain. His ability to synthesize the knowledge and expertise that he has in order to combat some of the world’s most pressing issues in the world of virtual asset trading and the digital technology industry as a whole has enabled him to become a key leader in the digital technology industry.

The most recent development from Malcolm CasSelle is the launching of a new company which is known as a Worldwide Asset Exchange. This new company hopes to achieve the decentralization of virtual asset exchange. The company itself will serve as a platform for users to exchange assets amongst themselves in a decentralized manner. In order to facilitate transactions, Malcolm CasSelle developed a new cryptocurrency referred to as Wax tokens. These tokens act as a common store of value amongst users and eliminate the need for users that utilize differing native currencies to use foreign exchange markets in order to facilitate transactions. Additionally, having a decentralized marketplace is expected to eliminate significantly the level of fraudulent activity which occurs typically on centralized marketplaces.

Before becoming the president and founder of the new decentralized marketplace company Malcolm CasSelle has already had significant experience in the digital technology industry. Even before becoming a member of the workforce Malcolm CasSelle was well-versed in computer science due to his formal education. He originally went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Malcolm CasSelle was able to complete the requirements and received his Bachelor’s degree in computer science from University. In his quest for evermore understanding, he was accepted to Stanford University in order to pursue his postgraduate education. He received his Master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University before entering the workforce.

As he entered the workforce, he was able to experience quick success by helping lead several startup companies in the digital technology industry. These companies include Xfire, MediaPass, and Tencent. At the same time that he was helping to lead the startup companies, he was also trying his hand at venture capitalism and was an early investor in both Facebook and Zynga.

The Fortress Investment Group Works for Everybody

Having begun business in 1998, the Fortress Investment Group has become a global phenomenon that truly knows how to handle the money of the wealthy. At the end of December 31, 2017 we discovered that the Fortress Investment Group was managing over $43.6 billion worldwide. They are in operations with over 1750 institutions who give them bulk of their money to invest in global markets to look like they will thrive. They are highly trusted due to the fact that the employee specialists in every area were specifically trained how to analyze market trends and make the most profit before the change occurs. Fortress Investment Group is no dummy. They diversify their portfolio to protect both themselves as well as the people who trust them to invest. They split up the bulk of their money into four different categories. These categories are all managed by of Vice President who has expertise in the chosen area. The lowest category is the private equity category.

This category specializes in buying up that and earning interest. This sector holds $6.5 billion. The next category is the capital vehicles category which manages $7.8 billion. The next largest category is the hedge fund category. This operates by buying stocks on credit and then burning both interest and profit from that stock. This holds $9 billion. The largest area the holds their money is the credit private equity category. This comes out in the form of loans, credit cards, and buying up debt.Fortress Investment Group is trusted by many people because of their five core competencies. The five core competencies are asset-based, industry knowledge, operations management, corporate acquisitions and mergers, and capital markets. Fortress Investment Group is extremely well-versed in the area of asset-based knowledge. This allows them to provide credit funds and earn extreme interest rates off of people who can afford such credit. They also operate private equity funds in this area and look at financing in managing physical assets ranging anywhere from residential to commercial. The second core competency that the Fortress Investment Group is well known for is their workers having industry knowledge.

Every single employee is required at advanced training in the area they are working in. The third core competency is the area of operations management. This requires a deep and broad knowledge in all sectors. They are capable of bringing the most difficult investment situation to all the different departments. After thorough analysis, the different departments can make a recommendation based on this complex situation. Fourth core competency is merging and acquiring other businesses. The Fortress Investment Group will sit down with the board of directors, shareholders, and employees to discover what is the best way to maintain profit during the corporate merger. Lastly, the Fortress Investment Group specializes in capital markets. Those who are just beginning to build a portfolio love this core competency because of fortress financial group is capable of giving you low risk investments that pay off huge when they become 10 baggers later.

Three Characteristics Mike Baur Says Entrepreneurs Should Embrace When Starting A Business

The Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) is a Zurich-based business accelerator where entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to pitch ideas to venture capital suppliers and potentially get office space to start out with for their companies. The accelerator is managed by Chairman Mike Baur and CEO Max Meister, both of whom have working relationships with Red Bull Media and the Goldback Group. Baur wanted to start the SSUF because the appetite for disruptive businesses has been strong among both Swiss and other international investors, and the SSUF has a unique method to vetting entrepreneurs and taking their ideas through testing and coaching phases.


Mike Baur says there are three characteristics that the SSUF looks for when mentoring entrepreneurs. The first is having the will to put together their business through networking and forming the plan. Nothing ever happens by chance when you decide to start a business, so Baur says you need to be ready to do your research and put in extensive work to make it happen. Second, your business should be able to adapt to changes in its respective industry. Nothing will ever last forever and you will always gain new competitors, so you should always be ready to change accordingly. And most importantly you should be willing to take risks. Those risks include things like which products you’ll spend the most of your capital on, which people you’ll hire and just basic things like your geographic location and the customer demographic you serve.


Mike Baur officially started the SSUF in 2014, but it was something he had been contemplating a few years prior to that. He originally had planned to become a successful banking executive since that occupation was considered one of the highest honors in Switzerland at the time he went into it as a 16-year old apprentice. He spent about 17 years of his banking career at UBS Bank and then joined the high-ranking directors of Clariden Leu, which is now a part of Credit Suisse. He lost his passion for banking because new laws were put in place after 2008, and he wanted to take on new challenges that banking did not have. Baur was told that his plan for an accelerator wasn’t really necessary because there were already some government-sponsored programs in place to supply funding for business owners, but Baur was looking to do more than just fund businesses. The SSUF has helped businesses operate with models that are sustainable.


In Touch With The Common Man: The Life Of Tony Petrello

Born of humble beginning with working-class parents, Tony Petrello grew up in a predominantly Italian, working-class neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey. With honor, integrity, caring for others and a strong work ethic instilled in him at an early age, he knew the value of hard work and studied excessively in his schoolwork. This hard work resulted in strength in mathematics and logic.

With his mathematics prowess, Petrello continued his education at Yale University to pursue his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in math. During his university education, he decided to focus on the human sciences instead of mathematic and went to Harvard Law School to pursue a Juris Doctor degree.

Upon his graduation from Harvard Law School, Tony Petrello started his career at Nabors Industries and worked a variety of jobs. He became the CEO of the company in 1991 and 2011, became the Director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC in Houston Texas.

Even in his success, Tony Petrello never lost the virtues that he was taught early in his life, and by remembering his beginnings, he established the Yale Scholarship for deserving middle to low-income students. In the 1990’s Petrello and his wife, Cynthia, had a daughter who weighed only 20 ounces and had cerebral palsy with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). Because of his daughter’s struggles, Tony and Cynthia wanted to help other parents of children with neurological conditions and donated 7 million dollars to the Texas Children’s Hospital. This hospital used the money to build a wing that is dedicated to pediatric neurological care. This wing, the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, provides innovative care to many families throughout the world.

In 2017, Houston, Texas and the surrounding area, was stricken by Hurricane Harvey. This hurricane destroyed many homes and businesses as well as flooding many streets. Committed to giving back to the community, Tony Petrello and his company, Nabors Industries, helped the residents of Houston with relief efforts. He matched his employees donations of $173,622 and served hot meals to local families from Nabors Industries on-site kitchen.

Sussex Health Care Is An Environment Where People Remain Active While Receiving The Services They Need

Originally founded in 1985 with one home, Sussex Health Care now has twenty homes and over 580 beds, holding at least three hospitality awards. Sussex Health Care has multiple locations across south east England with most of them in Sussex.

There is a team of seven serving as Board Members. Joint Chairmen Dr. Shafik Sachedina and Mr. Shiraz Boghani are at the helm. The Director of Operations and Services is Corinne Wallace and on December 21st, 2017 the Chief Operating Officer Amanda Morgan-Taylor was appointed.

Sussex Health Care takes pride in the high level of care it provides to it
Respite care, palliative care, disability care, recreation and education services are provided as well as specalised care for the elderly and patients with dementia. There is also 24 hours a day nursing care for people with medical needs. Most of the facilities have staff who provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy. The homes are equipped with spas and reflexology pools and residents are able to participate in hydrotherapy.

Read more: Choosing the Services That Sussex Healthcare Provides – How Specialists Can Help Residents

Located outside Horsham, West Sussex in Broadbridge Heath are the new, specialised facilities which will provide services to people who have brain injuries and neurological conditions. In addition, services are currently being developed for people with autism, as well as other physical and learning disabilities which impact their lives significantly. These services will cover a range of options from residential (up to ten people) to outreach placements and also includes Additionally, Sussex Healthcare now has day outreach programs for people with learning disabilities and/or physical disabilities.

Sussex Health invests in its employees who receive a wide range of benefits such as uniforms, free bus rides on the company bus, reduced accommodation, subsidiary meals, career progression with support though on-going education, career progression options. pension and paid breaks. Employees also get bonus pay rates during the weekends, there are mentoring programs, specialty classes and nursing apprenticeship options. Also employees have the benefit of receiving bonuses when they provide referrals. The types of jobs available range from Caregiver, nurses and medical staff, therapists, educators, administrative positions, accountants and secretaries.

Alex Pall Explains how he met Drew Taggart – Working with Halsey

Alex Pall is one half of the popular dance music group The Chainsmokers. With the amount of content The Chainsmokers have released, the amount of hits they have had, and their record breaking chart placement, you would think The Chainsmokers have been around for decades. Actually, they have only been a duo since 2014.

Alex Pall linked up with Andrew Taggart after his previous music partner left the group. Alex Pall was working as a DJ in New York City, more of a side job than a full-out career. An art gallery was where Alex Pall was when he realized that his music was taking over his entire life. This is when Pall’s manager introduced him to his future partner, Andrew Taggart.

“I took the bus down to New York City from Maine, where I’m from, and met Alex,” Andrew Taggart said. This was four years ago. The two immediately began working from dawn til dusk together, grinding and trying to make a name for themselves. Their song “Roses” became a hit all across the world. Now, with a handful of hits under their belt, The Chainsmokers have released their newest single, “Closer.”

The song features the singer Halsey, but this isn’t out of the ordinary for a Chainsmokers song. Nearly everyone of their songs have guest singers because The Chainsmokers are a production team. “Closer” was different though. Andrew Taggart, for the first time ever, stepped out from behind the production table and moved behind the mic stand.

Alex Pall was recently asked what he thinks of Halsey and Pall responded: “She’s incredible. She’s a very cool and unique artist.” Pall credited her for have a very strong voice and a unique personality. Even though Drew Taggart was featured on the vocals of “Closer,” the song wouldn’t have become what it is without Halsey.

The Art Of The Business Mathematician

Growing up in New York gives a person a particular perspective, and one that cannot be had by being reared in most anything other place. The very pace at which everything occurs in New York, and the plethora of people one is surrounded by in this part of the country, offer insight that cannot be bought, had, or stolen if growing up anywhere else. Jordan Lindsey grew up in New York, which likely had an impact on his eventual life, as an entrepreneur in the financial industry.

Perhaps it was growing up, playing the very competitive ice hockey, or maybe it was his early years, after having moved to San Francisco as a young professional, and the energy that goaded everyone into a state of creativity they did not know they had. Being involved in programming and systems architecture, and having lived in other countries like Mexico and Bosnia-Herzegovina, gave Mr. Lindsey a crucial perspective on other cultures.

Whether it was his education, at St. Joseph’s College, or his upbringing, he would eventually thrive in the financial industry, making a name for himself as an entrepreneur. Much of his ideas are rooted in mathematics, as is illustrated by a recent algorithm that he created, and that which would serve to create interest in his Metatrader 4 platform. He sites that some of his favorite facets of his employ over the years had to do with creating a team, and a winning team at that, to create more success and energy. He speaks of energy, with the clear notion that it is never destroyed, but rather is always just transferred, in the very idea that friction is what causes and develops trust among team members.

Those with math minds never really see things as anyone else does. He sees this friction as creating solutions over time and creating more success. Finding someone with this perspective might be hard, largely because a math mind has been developed in such a way that others will never be able to fully comprehend how that person arrives at particular conclusions. Mr. Lindsey believes in planning ahead, and he readily cites this as something that has made him successful.

Many people do not think of planning ahead, largely because they cannot find an equation that will help them do so. Jordan Lindsey has all the skills to create equations, to create variable states, and to solve for those variables in ways most others cannot. To this point, he feels the most valuable thing he has learned is that one need only be correct once, clearly another math idea.

Dr. Saad Saad: The Experienced Physician and Philanthropic Inventor

One of the many things that we know about Dr. Saad Saad is the fact that he’s been part of the pediatric medicine for so many years already that he has established himself as one of the top doctors today. Indeed, the involvement of Dr. Saad Saad in this area is an excellent indicator that it he is doing his best to adapt to new changes in the market that had not been foreseen by the previous generation. However, there’s more to Dr. Saad Saad than just involvement in pediatric surgery. He’s also a dedicated inventor and a man who goes beyond the service of medicine.



The Mission in Jerusalem



One of the many things that we can read about Dr. Saad Saad today is the fact that he already did about eight medical missions to Jerusalem and West to perform several complex surgeries for underprivileged people. He’s already known as a man with the impulse and service to a variety of community organizations, but it is his drive to improve the existing methods in the field of surgery for children in Jerusalem that had made a mark. Sure, the operations he does are made to reduce the pain of the people who suffer them and to improve the quite ominous level of unspeakable pain that those with terminal illness suffer. But without the right medical assignment and assistance, all of this would be for naught. The good thing about Dr. Saad Saad is that he is both able to help children and young adults get the utmost level of relief from their ailments, which not many doctors can do. Learn more:



The Experience Tested By Time



The medical inventions that are attributed to Dr. Saad Saad, as far as what we can read from Medical Daily Times, are a byproduct of 40 years of medical experience of his. The patents for all his medical procedures are also known to be so effective, that the practice of medicine right now would probably be incomplete without them. One of the inventions that are made under his name right now is the Catheter With Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device, and this instrument right now is one of the most life-changing tools. What this invention does is that it is able to help locate the catheter in the body without the need for any additional machine scan, which would now avoid the patient to pay extra.



Dr. Saad Saad



He is right now the doctor primarily located in Eatontown, NJ, with many offices in Forked River, NJ and the one at Eatontown. The 42 Years of Experience that he has in medical work is one of the most outstanding records to date.



Dr. Saad Saad is now affiliated with the Clara Maas Medical Center and Jersey Shore University Medical Center.


Meet the Natural Resources Financial Advisor: Matt Badialli

Every person is in search of niches to invest that are profitable. Sometimes having the resources without the knowledge required to invest is useless. You will end up with invalid investments that end with huge losses. It is crucial that you get information from credible sources to see that you invest in the right places. It will also widen your thinking on the opportunities in the market. For instance, Matt Badialli helps individuals who are willing to invest in the Natural Resources through his column in Banyan Hill. Learn more about Matt on

Investing in Natural Resources is a valid investment when done right. It is, however, not among the common businesses that people want to spill their savings. Matt Badialli has a very robust professional background in Geology. He spent years in school studying geology and the few last years of his school life studying finance. Incorporating the two, he can advise his readers on the best time and place to invest their savings and gain substantial returns.

Matt Badialli believes that it is through interacting with individuals and asking questions that he can get the right information. Although Matt Badialli researches on his project through books and online, he prefers to travel and witness on something before writing about it. As a geology student, he traveled to many places which makes him more suitable in his work. Read more about Matt on

Matt Badialli has interviewed many CEO’s to understand the prevailing market conditions. In the interviews, he enquires to know the prospect and future of the mining industries. Through the findings, he can analyze all the geology data he needs to come up with a conclusion. He says that he realized that you don’t know what is happening in a place until you get there.

Through his experience and his excellent education background, Matt Badialli can recognize a problem in the mining resources by just looking at one. For instance, once he gets to mine, he is interested in observing how the drilling crew works. This includes how fast they can drill and if they are running smoothly. He explains that in most cases, the drilling process covers a substantial amount of money in small companies. The future of a mining firm and its survival rate can be judged by observing the drilling process.

For more than ten years now, Matt Badialli has combined his knowledge as an investor and a geology student to achieve great profits from the natural resources.


Adam Milstein is Optimistic About the Future of Jews in America

Adam Milstein is the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. It is through this organization that he gives his donation for philanthropic and charitable causes to a variety of groups and associations to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship and the State of Israel, as well as the Jewish people.

His philanthropic activities comprise fundraising to subsist pro-Israel advocacies, the Jewish continuity, and the Jewish education.

Adam Milstein is from Haifa, Israel. He earned his Bachelors of Science Degree in Business and Economics from Technion Israeli Institute of Technology where he finished as a Cum Laude. He migrated with his wife to the U.S. in 1981, and in 1983 he completed his degree in Master of Business Administration from Los Angeles’s University of Southern California. After that, Adam Milstein commenced working as a sales agent in the commercial real estate industry.

In his recent article featured in the Jerusalem Post online, he talked about the rising percentage of antisemitism happening in the United States which had an alarming increase of 67% in 2017. Incidents of messages containing antiemetic missives have been highlighted in the social media as well as the media. Such events make it quite hard for Jews to be open about their being a Jew. And this was proven by the San Francisco Jewish Federation who was able to discover that twenty-one percent only of millennials are passionately devoted to Israel, while merely twenty-six percent of them have a mind that to be Jewish is significant.

Disturbed by the facts unearthed about antisemitism and about being Jewish – Adam Milstein encourages American Jews to unite and take proper action. Along this line, he urged the entire Jewish community to provide the necessary support that would inspire the younger generation to be courageous and fight antisemitism.

He wrote that he has great hope that such leaders will surface because these individuals are the ones he meets every day in his line of work as well as social activities. He further stated that if they understand what being a Jew is really about, then they will fight on their own accord to defend the future generation of the Jewish community.