Sussex Health Care Is An Environment Where People Remain Active While Receiving The Services They Need

Originally founded in 1985 with one home, Sussex Health Care now has twenty homes and over 580 beds, holding at least three hospitality awards. Sussex Health Care has multiple locations across south east England with most of them in Sussex.

There is a team of seven serving as Board Members. Joint Chairmen Dr. Shafik Sachedina and Mr. Shiraz Boghani are at the helm. The Director of Operations and Services is Corinne Wallace and on December 21st, 2017 the Chief Operating Officer Amanda Morgan-Taylor was appointed.

Sussex Health Care takes pride in the high level of care it provides to it
Respite care, palliative care, disability care, recreation and education services are provided as well as specalised care for the elderly and patients with dementia. There is also 24 hours a day nursing care for people with medical needs. Most of the facilities have staff who provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy. The homes are equipped with spas and reflexology pools and residents are able to participate in hydrotherapy.

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Located outside Horsham, West Sussex in Broadbridge Heath are the new, specialised facilities which will provide services to people who have brain injuries and neurological conditions. In addition, services are currently being developed for people with autism, as well as other physical and learning disabilities which impact their lives significantly. These services will cover a range of options from residential (up to ten people) to outreach placements and also includes Additionally, Sussex Healthcare now has day outreach programs for people with learning disabilities and/or physical disabilities.

Sussex Health invests in its employees who receive a wide range of benefits such as uniforms, free bus rides on the company bus, reduced accommodation, subsidiary meals, career progression with support though on-going education, career progression options. pension and paid breaks. Employees also get bonus pay rates during the weekends, there are mentoring programs, specialty classes and nursing apprenticeship options. Also employees have the benefit of receiving bonuses when they provide referrals. The types of jobs available range from Caregiver, nurses and medical staff, therapists, educators, administrative positions, accountants and secretaries.

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