Malcolm CasSelle: Digital Technology Industry Leader

Malcolm CasSelle is a man that is able to claim a level of success that few individuals ever retain. His ability to synthesize the knowledge and expertise that he has in order to combat some of the world’s most pressing issues in the world of virtual asset trading and the digital technology industry as a whole has enabled him to become a key leader in the digital technology industry.

The most recent development from Malcolm CasSelle is the launching of a new company which is known as a Worldwide Asset Exchange. This new company hopes to achieve the decentralization of virtual asset exchange. The company itself will serve as a platform for users to exchange assets amongst themselves in a decentralized manner. In order to facilitate transactions, Malcolm CasSelle developed a new cryptocurrency referred to as Wax tokens. These tokens act as a common store of value amongst users and eliminate the need for users that utilize differing native currencies to use foreign exchange markets in order to facilitate transactions. Additionally, having a decentralized marketplace is expected to eliminate significantly the level of fraudulent activity which occurs typically on centralized marketplaces.

Before becoming the president and founder of the new decentralized marketplace company Malcolm CasSelle has already had significant experience in the digital technology industry. Even before becoming a member of the workforce Malcolm CasSelle was well-versed in computer science due to his formal education. He originally went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Malcolm CasSelle was able to complete the requirements and received his Bachelor’s degree in computer science from University. In his quest for evermore understanding, he was accepted to Stanford University in order to pursue his postgraduate education. He received his Master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University before entering the workforce.

As he entered the workforce, he was able to experience quick success by helping lead several startup companies in the digital technology industry. These companies include Xfire, MediaPass, and Tencent. At the same time that he was helping to lead the startup companies, he was also trying his hand at venture capitalism and was an early investor in both Facebook and Zynga.

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