Ryan Seacrest: A Driving Force in Entertainment

Ryan Seacrest is a driving force in Hollywood culture. The mega-talented star has created a noteworthy niche in almost every facet of entertainment. The host is ambitiously creative and forward-thinking. So much so that his capabilities reach beyond the scope of entertainment. Ryan Seacrest also motivates community changes with his philanthropic endeavors.

Ryan Seacrest creates and maintains an outstanding signature brand. He pushed to the forefront of TV as the host to new talent series American Idol in 2002. The infectious Idol host became a household name in no time. His popularity, along with experience, opened up a multitude of entertainment doorways. Ryan Seacrest joined the ranks of Los Angeles radio station KIIS as a morning show host to ‘On Air With Ryan Seacrest’ in 2004. During the same period, he became the host of popular radio syndicated program American Top 40. The host also paved the way in production and fashion endeavors.

Mr. Seacrest installed philanthropic efforts in community hospitals with the advent of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF). The host had an idea to enrich the community. He diligently fashioned a concept that allowed him to give back to young adults as well as propel their creative vision. The foundation is a network of broadcast media centers that are set up within pediatric hospital communities. These centers allow young patients to learn, engage with one another, as well as experience broadcasting internships. There are 9 centers located in various cities across the United States under the foundation. This includes the Atlanta hallmark center where Mr. Seacrest was born and raised.

Ryan Seacrest is a strong proponent of the benefits of mentoring. This is one of the driving forces behind his children’s foundation. As a youngster, Ryan Seacrest was guided by mentor, and Atlanta radio host Tom Sullivan. The American Idol host holds dear to his radio tutorship and unveils how it created a strengthened foundation for his future aspirations. He has made RSF a platform to support and mentor young inpatients. His foundation works hard to foster creativity and aid in faster patient recovery. Creativity and fun are welcomed facets of children’s programs across the board. The media centers effectively engage patients and the medical staff in broadcasting, education, talk shows, and music videos to name a few. Ryan Seacrest’s (@ryanseacrest) incredible efforts and contributions remain a driving force in entertainment and beyond.

Southridge Capital’s Unconventional but Effective Financial Solutions

Southridge Capital is an international organization that deals in structured finance and advisory services for publicly classified companies. It focuses its assistance on a diverse group of clients by giving a wide range of financial resolutions that are innovative.

Southridge boasts of a veritable executive team that has exemplary comprehension of the different industries in the market along with it adept ability in the formulation and execution of financial programs in behalf of their clients. The organization has made direct investments into developing companies since 1996 that has a total of $1.8 billion. Having assisted more than 250 publicly traded companies, Southridge has a deep perception on the issues that each developing company has to go through. And the organization’s team has the appropriate specialization and knowledge to provide advice on majority of the issues that befall companies ranging from how to become a public company to the incorporation of specialized financing methods that would enhance balance sheet management.

The services that Southridge Capital provides are divided into two main categories which are the Advisory Services and the Structured Finance. The Advisory Services is composed of financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advice, and legal settlement. Whereas, the structure finance services covers securitization, credit enhancement, and financing solutions.

Based on releasefact, mainly the advisory services deals with the augmentation of the clients’ financial statements where Southridge constructs a financial program that will take every cash aspects of the client into consideration. The program will likewise cover recommendations for mergers and acquisitions along with overall restructuring, bankruptcy advice and legal settlement where the Southridge team will guide the client in all the legal requirements to minimize other costs and expenses during litigation.

The structured finance services generally involve unconventional strategies for the client to raise or increase the required capital and funds. The said methods entail making loans against insider shares, common stocks, capital assets, and other assets. Clients are likewise given the opportunity to utilize Southridge’s EPA or the Equity Purchase Agreement where they can raise capital voluntarily at their own request – anytime, notwithstanding the market’s current conditions.

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Newswatch T.V. Helping A Company

The company contour is one that understands how hard it is to get ahead in trying to sale a product. It takes a lot of time, patience, and hard work. They know this because of their experience and their recent encounter trying to sale a product. They create an Ergonomic workstation for their use of companies and its employees in creating a healthy work space. Though this product is a good idea the work of marketing it still has to be done. That is why they called Newswatch who are known for getting products over.

Newswatch is a company that is dedicated to getting the right products out to their viewers. It is a show and an online site that reviews the latest products and news for the benefit of their viewers. The show has been around since the 90’s and has been over the years ingrained into the culture as many celebrities have appeared in the show. The influence and reach of this show reaches every U.S. market across the nation. They are truly the place for companies to go if they need products promoted. Newswatch promotes through their in-depth reviews of products ad that is what they did for contour and their new product.

Contour wanted to get exposure for the workstation they created online and television. The goal was to maximize sales to the most and get as much promotion as possible. Newswatch was prepared to meet this need and they created a review and broadcasted on their television show and their online site. The results were great. The number of sales in the product saw a noticeable increase and the manger of marketing at Contour accredited this to Newswatch. The segment was seen in 95 million homes at least. Newswatch achieved its goal and really helped a company that needed it.


GoBuyside (AD/nY)

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Richard Dwayne Blair: Achieving Investing And Financial Success

Are you interested in investing for your retirement? Do you want to save money for your children’s education? Richard Dwayne Blair has the expertise to assist you in making the right investment decision for your situation.

Investing can be difficult to navigate and requires expert assistance. One way to help understand the industry and navigate the process of investing and securing your financial future, is to work with an experienced financial planner or investment advisor.

Richard Dwayne Blair is one of the leading professionals in the industry. Richard Dwayne Blair can advise and guide any ambitious investor to success.

Every day many people go online searching for information on how to manage their money or build wealth. If you want to get expert financial planning or investment advisory, it is imperative to enlist the services of a renowned professional. Investment advisors and financial planners are experts at money management and wealth building and can guide you in achieving financial success.

These professionals have access to industry resources and expert connections, which enable them to help put their clients on the right path to financial success. Anyone who desires to become a successful investor can do so by getting in touch with a reputable and reliable investment firm or professional.

Richard Dwayne Blair helps his clients to save money, invest for retirement and build wealth. As an investment expert and reputable financial planner, Richard Dwayne Blair takes the time to assess his clients’ financial status and help them learn what to do to reach their goals. He will show you the various investment vehicles and how to select the right opportunity for your situation. Richard Dwayne Blair can walk you through the steps and help grow your portfolio.

Although there are many investment firms and professionals to choose from you need to be certain you are working with an experienced and reliable investment expert. Richard Dwayne Blair well versed in investing, financial planning and wealth building. With a good advisor Richard Dwayne Blair by your side, you can feel confident that your investment and financial issues will be handled properly.