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Doe Deere, arriving full of makeups. Her hair is striking and with a serious bold eye, why not prefer he as a lady of no introvert? She came to an interview where she was welcomed by the stylist and talk about beauty in her company. Doe Deere, a founder of Lime Crime beauty company tells the stylist about her success of the company.


The stylist asked Doe Deere about “cult” beauty product. She responds to this by first describing that word “cult” as unique. What the company does it to release cult products meaning unique to the market and no one else is able to provide that. It was seen trending since 2008. they have been working on their products because the market is fluctuating time to time because different products are flooding in the market. What the company does, it ensures that the product they have in the market is capable of being strong and stand for its own in the crowded market. These are the objectives that Lime Crime is targeting.


The stylist asks Doe why her company can be referred as 100% vegan and also free from cruelty. Doe said that she has been reflected by her personal attitude about the matter and what the company does is to ensure they have done animal charity work. This brings the sense of having cruelty free as they target animal testing and goals of their products.


When you become an entrepreneur you will make mistakes of even loosing too much. What you should do was talked about by Doe Deere. It is a normal thing to make mistake and she referred it to the entrepreneurship game where you will pass by as you venture into the business. Her company, Lime Crime is encountering on many bumps of its growth path. What makes it possible for the company to be standing still is to know how to overcome the barriers. Sometimes you end up making mistakes, so ensure you have learned from your mistake and you will achieve greatness. It is now being regarded as a better organization.


When it comes to beauty trends, the company is capable of presenting itself. It is after it introduced an Ultraviolet color Pantone which is the point. The company is a unicorn inspiring brand, so bright purple is becoming their ultimate color of 2018. Lime Crime is also on its way looking to explore lilac, lavender together with those staring shades that are purple, and especially its Venus III, an eyeshadow palette lastly launched.


She had words for young women willing to start or those struggling with the beauty business. She said that for any success, then beauty entrepreneurship should be their biggest passion. In the beauty market, there are always huge gaps waiting to be represented. So that to survive in the market, they should be focusing on next innovations so that they can bring something unique to the market. They should have to listen to the voice from the inner side, make an important solution and then decide what they would wish to exist. After that, they walk out and make things happen. Learn more:


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