Alex Hern – Focus Is the Key to Success

Alex Hern has more than two decades and a half of experience in entrepreneurship. During his career, Hern was focusing on early-stage business and on the technology companies’ incubation. He’s the chief executive officer as well as the co-founder of Tsunami XR. Learn more about Alex at


The idea for Tsunami came after Hern realizing that as the world entered and also transitioned from the era of CPU-driven computer to the era of GPU-driven, there would be a great need for new platforms and software. The ones that were capable of leveraging the new capabilities that were made possible by the graphics procession available on mobile devices, tablets, and PCs today, ushering in this spatial computing era.


He always spends 4 to 5 hours daily focusing on a single thing that will allow him and his company to progress and accomplish their goals. Hern does not like multitasking since he believes that when people try to do a lot of things at the same time, they will end up performing poorly: multitasking is unproductive. The strategy that helped him to grow his business is leaving every sales pursuit to the executive decision makers. He also partnered with trusted solution providers. Additionally, he always aligns with the key customer requirements.

The software that helps him to be productive is TsunamiXR: it’s the next-level collaboration platform for scientists and engineers. Hern recommends people to read the book called One Thing because it will help them to understand the power that focus has on everything that they are doing. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

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