Rodrigo Terpins Is The Founder Of Floresvale, A Sustainable Wood Production Company.

Rodrigo Terpins is well-known and beloved throughout the country of Brazil for his work in the rally car driving scene. As a member of the prominent rally squad, Bull Sertoes, Terpins has had a number of high-profile finishes in some of the most well-known and competitive rally races in the country. Most recently, Rodrigo and his team finished in 3rd place at the Sertoes Rally, one of the largest off-road races in the entire country. While Terpins is absolutely passionate about his work in a race car, he is also aware that he has so much more to offer the world than just his accomplishments as an athlete. Let’s learn what else Rodrigo Terpins is interested in doing with his career.


For starters, Rodrigo Terpins is about as astute and cerebral of a mind as you are going to find. His favorite book is ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ and he has business ventures reaching into just about every sector that you can put your money, time and effort in. Rodrigo comes from a family of athletes with his father being a retired professional basketball player and his brother, Michel, also working as a professional rally car driver. Despite his background, Terpins is as excited about life as an entrepreneur as he is about crossing the finish line of a high-profile race.


According to, Terpins has made waves with his work operating a sustainable and ethically derived production facility for timber out of Brazil’s booming industry. His company, named Floresvale, is focused on providing wood that is ethically derived and backed by certification. Many people don’t know this but Brazil is actually a booming country for wood sales both nationally and in the international markets.


Being able to correctly assess a good business idea is one thing, but living with failures and executing is a whole different beast altogether. Still, Rodrigo Terpins is more than willing to put his concepts on the line. He spends an almost absurd amount of time performing research and his work meetings with his team of supporters are as important as anything else that he does. Terpins continues to impress and whether or not he returns to the rally driving scene one thing is for sure, his businesses are here to stay.



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