Kevin Seawright Establishes Firm To Help Limited Resources Families

Kevin Seawright of Baltimore, Maryland, is on a mission to increase the number of homeowners in that city. He relates that the housing market in that city has had its ups and downs over the years and nowadays many people can’t get qualified for a mortgage. His company RPS Solutions LLC, is working to help people who have had their mortgage applications refused by the big banks. Find out more about  Kevin at

RPS Solutions works with people to buy an affordable first home in Baltimore and become eligible for financing. The goal is to help people buy their first homes, create more diversity in Baltimore’s neighborhoods, and turn dangerous areas into safe ones. This company was established in January 2015.

RPS Solutions also creates affordable housing. Kevin Seawright has partnered with the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST). They buy homes that are unoccupied and need TLC. The homes are renovated by contractors and then put back on the market. As the people that RPS Solutions works with are usually unfamiliar with the home buying process this company guides them through the whole thing, start to finish. Their specialty is families with limited resources who need guidance to buy a home and need help establishing a household budget so that they can pay their mortgages and other living expenses.

Kevin Seawright is a financing expert who spent several years working within city government. He was Baltimore’s payroll director at one point in his career as well as its managing fiscal officer among other positions. He transitioned into the private industry when he got a job as the vice president of operations for the construction firm Tito Contractors, Inc. He spent three years in this position during which time he rebuilt their accounting department and led a $50 million budget. He has also worked as a public accountant and financial director.

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Clayton Hutson Has Built Up One Of The Best Reputations In The Music Industry

Clayton Hutson is a professional who works in the music industry in order to help musicians make their live shows spectacular. He went to college to study theatre design and also worked with companies in the live entertainment industry. He has worked as a project manager and a sound engineer and continues to be an entrepreneur who carves out his own path. In recent years, Hutson started up a live entertainment production company and has been working with some big names in the music industry. Some of these include Pink, Guns’n’Roses, Garbage, and Kid Rock.


Before today, Clayton Hutson was building up plenty of experience by working in different positions in the live entertainment industry. He has always done his best to master every single position he worked in, and this has served him tremendously in the industry. It was during a time that he was working with a music entertainment company, that a recession hit. When this happened, he decided to strike out on his own and do something for himself. This is when he created his production management company.


Clayton Hutson knows what works in his industry, and he is very aware of what doesn’t. This allows him to see ideas in his head before working to implement them. He takes his ideas and turns them into workable realities on-stage. Before doing so, he ensures that they will be practical. Clayton Hutson is the kind of guy to always be thinking about what will take place ahead of time. This means that he is able to plan ahead to be ready for any unforeseeable accident or circumstance that might take place. This allows him to get his crew ready, too, so they can be in the right place at the time right time.


Clayton Hutson recently commented that hard work has been at the center of his success. He has built his reputation on doing what he does well, and since word of mouth is very important in his industry, this has gotten him very far. Musical artists actively seek out a production manager who respects their vision and who tries their best to bring it to life, and this is exactly what Clayton Hutson does. When it comes to his work, he is a man who checks everything multiple times to make sure that there are no loose ends. He is very aware that everything he does will come back to him, so he does it all right, the first time. One of Hutson’s favorite quotes came from Vince Lombardi who said that, “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” Hutson tries to live by these words and continues to build quite the resume of clients.

A Busy Life: Ryan Seacrest

Many of us have seen Ryan Seacrest on the TV shows “American Idol” and “Live! With Kelly and Ryan”. Many of us have also heard him on his radio show, “On Air With Ryan Seacrest”. Have you heard of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation? He is the chairman and founder of that foundation. This foundation caters to pediatric patients receiving treatment in various pediatric hospitals across the country. It supports patients in giving patients and their families an outlet to stay positive during their stay at the pediatric hospital. Ryan Seacrest also heads Ryan Seacrest Productions in producing well-known television shows.

With a plethora of projects, we wonder how Ryan keeps up with it all. In an article, Ryan Seacrest gives us a glimpse of his daily grind. In it, he describes his morning ritual. He describes what time he gets up, what he wears, and what he drinks to set him up for the day. Most of us get up then have a cup of coffee to wake up, and some of us some tea. Entertainment personality Ryan Seacrest drinks both. Consecutively. He starts with tea, but not just any tea, he starts off with matcha tea. He then follows it up with a cup of coffee. As busy as Ryan Seacrest is, there’s no questioning this drinking routine. He goes on to discuss how staying active physically is imperative. It is with the utmost importance that bringing his trainer in-tow, is sometimes a necessity to keep him in routine. In line with his physical routine, Ryan Seacrest expresses his love for food. In that, he is also “mostly vegan.” He aims to eat healthier but because of his strenuous schedule, it can be quite difficult in doing so. Later in the article, Ryan Seacrest reveals that he has attention deficit disorder (ADD). He describes what he does to reduce getting distracted easily. He further mentions how he trained himself on time management.

Ryan Seacrest continues his account of his day, from his commute to work to memories of when he worked for Dick Clark and how Dick Clark shaped him and his career today. Ryan Seacrest recalls a memory of Dick Clark that remains with him to this day. Learn about Ryan’s fitness routine here.

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