Wine While You Work

The Traveling Vineyard is a rapidly growing company that employs an abundant amount of self-reliant and congenial people. It seems the company was reinvented in 2010, when the previously bankrupted company was purchased by a new owner.

At first, the company appeared to be just like any other website looking to easily promote their items, but with further investigation it’s clear the company is way more supportive than that.

When you first join Traveling Vineyard, they assign you a leader from your region. This leader helps you train to be an expert Wine Guide, or the people who host events and inform guests. They can answer any and all questions you may have. Your leader can then allow you to shadow their own events, or help you find someone who lives closer. This gives you time to build confidence before hosting your own events. It’s easy to feel at ease with the friendly coworkers and jubilant atmosphere.

You are also given access to an online training center with in-depth videos to help you become a better Wine Guide. With Sommology, an online or in-person experience that makes pairing wine and food easy and fun, and the Success Kit you get when you join, their is no way to fail! The company also hosts an annual “Harvest” conference for members that is designed to make learning fun and laid-back. There are also regional events that are enjoyable and provide in-depth knowledge for beginners.

This company is a low-pressure and friendly business to work for. The constant support and easy training system makes for a relaxing transition from coffee at the office, to wine at home. Traveling Vineyard makes it fun and easy to truly be happy with your stay-at-home job.

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How End Citizens United Is Attempting To Reform The System

In 2010 a Supreme Court decision changed American elections. Out of that ruling came the creation of End Citizens United. The case that changed everything was Citizens United v F.E.C. The ruling created the ability for billionaires and special interests to spend an unlimited amount of money on elections for their own benefit, and to so in a way that was untraceable. This creates no accountability or transparency in elections and people have no idea who is actually controlling elections. End Citizen United wants to overturn this ruling and reform the campaign finance system.


Through grassroots donors, End Citizens United was created with the ultimate goal to overturn that ruling. They plan on doing this by supporting Democratic candidates who also wish to overturn this ruling. They hope to reform the campaign finance system. They hope to fight against Big Money and reform the rigged political system through the election of candidates that are aiming for this reform as well. By backing candidates who have the goal to change the system End Citizens United is hoping to change things at a local and state level as well. By doing that the goal to overturn the ruling and create an amendment will be easier.


They believe that through three key steps they can create circumstances that can ultimately create a change for reform in the campaign system. These steps are electing pro-reform candidates, creating the issue of money in politics as a national priority and top concern, and using grassroots membership to show political power on the problem of money in the political world.


Through their donors, they have been able to generate millions of dollars that are being used to back these candidates and continue to generate more money to back more candidates. They are expanding their donor list and are aiming to grow and reach out to more people. Although the road to change is hard, because of End Citizens United attention is being brought to the issue and focus is being brought to the issue.


End Citizens United hopes to reform the corrupt political campaign system and eradicate Big Money from elections. They are focused on getting pro-reform candidates elected into office so that they can create real reform and bring real change to the system. They continue to raise money and awareness in the attempts to make this goal a reality. They are dedicated to the reform and have no desire to give up until change happens.


Organize Your Life With Wengie

Spring has hit! So you need a fun sunglasses display! Get a picture frame, some fairy lights, some wire, and some push pins. Remove the back of the picture frame and place push pins where you would like your sunglasses to hang. Use the wire to trail across the push pin, down, then back across. You can wrap your fairy lights around the wire when you’re done and hang up your sunglasses to enjoy your new sunglasses display!


Make more use of your space with hangers and a chain. Hang each hanger on a different link of the chain to make even more closet space for your clothes!


Wengie suggests organize your cords with toilet paper rolls and duct tape to make it look pretty! Label each roll with things such as headphones, camera cord, etc.. You now have storage for all of your wires just floating around!


Make amazing shelving with empty crates! Cover the inside sides with scrap paper and spray paint the bottom of the crate, then remove the tape and paper. Use wrapping paper if you wish to decorate the remaining crates! Just stack them on top of each other to make a shelf, nail them if you would like them to be sturdier!


Make your very own custom white board! Take a picture frame and remove the display image and replace with colored cardboard of your choice. Replace the back and you have your very own DIY white board!


Some other things you can DIY yourself to organize your room are a DIY caddy, a storage saver, wrapping storage, power board and note board! Enjoy your DIY room!

Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky’s Quest To Help Solve Breast Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky, who also founded Groupon, founded Tempus, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois. He recently partnered with the University of Chicago by giving the doctors there access to his data in order to help breast cancer patients. The data that he has provided them is molecular sequencing and analysis which allows the doctors to create individualized treatment plans for each patient. Additionally, Tempus will use the data gathered from 1,000 breast cancer patients in order to find patterns that will help see how other patients will respond to treatment in the future.

One of the doctors at the University of Chicago, Dr. Olufunmilayo Olopade, said that even though breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer very little data has been collected from past breast cancer patients in order to treat it. Due to this doctors have to make treatment decisions that don’t make use of specific gene information. By having access to this specific gene information the doctor will be able to make a more informed decision when treating each patient. The platform that Tempus designed makes use of machine learning and genomic sequencing. This data helps doctors make real-time, individualized treatment decisions which will lead to better outcomes.

Tempus has partnered with several health organizations over the past year. Among these is the Mayo Clinic, Penn Medicine, the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, and the University of Michigan.

Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus in 2015 and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. In addition to Tempus and Groupon he has founded a number of other successful companies including Uptake, Lightbank, and Mediabank. Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan in 1991 and earned his JD in 1994 from the University of Michigan Law School.

In 2006 Lefkofsky founded Lefkofsky Family Foundation along with his wife, Liz. The charitable causes that they contribute to include education, medical research, human rights, and the arts. Among his other charitable activities, he is a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Steppenwolf Theatre Company.


EOS: Lip Balm’s New Leader

New brands come along every day, but many of them find the business world and competition too much. Some find success, but remain a local name or a secret except for a select few. And then there is EOS lip balm, an underdog brand that had a mission in mind when they created their lip balm. The founders worked diligently to promote their lip balm; to create a worthwhile product that customers would love. They did that wonderfully, and now, just seven years after it all began, the EOS name is one just as well-known as Chapstick. Speaking of the eBay available brand, EOS even toppled sales of the once top lip balm contender. Yes, more people prefer the EOS lip balm to the Chapstick brand!

EOS sells approximately one million orbs of their lip balm each week. This equals more than $250 million in annual sales, and bigger numbers than Chapstick! It is amazing to many that EOS could make such great strides in such a short period, but the brand’s founders weren’t so shocked. They took the time to formulate a worthwhile product, but they didn’t price it at a rate that only some could afford. They listened to their Facebook fans and they didn’t forget the fun that any product needs to be a success. EOS, aka Evolution of Smooth, is certainly a smooth operator with something to prove. And they did just that. EOS lip balms are simply amazing, and the numbers and newfound claim to fame proved just that.

Bob Reina Acting as Co-Author on Martech

There are many companies that fail to achieve their objectives every year, not because they do not have the right talent or resources, but simply because the links in communication are a little bit weak. This is the issue that Talk Fusion’s founders had in mind when they started the company. For the past decade, the company has done its best to provide communication solutions to people that needed it and their current success is the evidence that people need to believe that communication is everything in business.

This week, the founder of the group, who is also acting as the CEO has decided to come back to MarTech and talk about the importance of video communications in business. The article that he has written has been dubbed the Video advertising trends of 2017. The article discusses the trends that were started in 2016 and were innovative. It also speculates on the roles that these trends might play in this year’s corporate environment.

Bob seemed very happy to share his views on the magazine. He was hopeful that the people who will get access to the article will read it and use it as a chance to develop interest in video communication. He reiterated the fact that it was important to really think about using video more. he really sells the idea of video and states that it is more than just simply beneficial and that everyone dreaming of success in advertising should be thinking seriously about the use of video in the process.

He confided that the very first time he imagined the possibility of communicating through video was 13 years ago and his idea was video emails. He states that he was right about the notion that video had tons of untapped potential and that a decade later; people were realizing just how beneficial the medium would be to their different advertising needs.

Talk Fusion

This company was started a decade ago and was made to try and make technologies, applications and other related products out there to the consumers. The company aims at making the businesses they work with better than their competitors using persuasive, memorable and creative videos.

Eric Lefkofsky Loves Reliable Solutions

The passion for business started in college when Eric Lefkofsky was still a student at the University of Michigan. Over the years, his passion has remained evident and today he is a co-founder of a number of companies and a role model American business entrepreneur. He runs different companies based on the idea of providing the necessary answers people seek to have in life. Today,Eric Lefkofsky is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Tempus. In Groupon, he serves as the founder and chairperson while in Echo Global Logistics and Lightbank, Lefkofsky serves as the co-founder. He has also sharpened his skills by working in Mediaocean, Innerworkings and even in Uptake. He is also passionate about transforming every business venture with the use of technology. He believes conventional businesses can be transformed in order to provide the necessary solutions the 21st generation requires.

Lefkofsky attended the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors. He also continued to study law at the University of Michigan Law School. After graduating, he decided to venture into business. He started by borrowing money to get the capital he needed. He also started an online business by the name Starbelly. It was later sold in 2000 to a company called Halo Industries. In 2001, Lefkofsky began a company to provide print procurement services. The success at InnerWorkings gave him the passion for beginning a teaching career at DePaul University. Today, Lefkofsky is also a published author of the book, Accelerated Disruption, on how businesses are affected by growth in technology.

The Tempus Health Company

Tempus is a firm that provides the necessary support and information to health practitioners. In the process, the health experts can make reliable and data-driven decisions. This is achieved through the provision of genomic sequencing services and clear analyses of molecular data to enable medical experts to make the best decisions. In the process of gathering more data, medical experts are able to advance research programs in order to make treatment better. Over the years, the company has also come up with a way of battling cancer through the use of a special operating system.

Lefkofsky Foundation

Lefkofsky and his wife Elizabeth started a foundation in 2006. They decided to form a charitable trust in order to support charitable events, education, and research. Over the years, the focus of the Lefkofsky Foundation is to support children. Since it was started to date the foundation has become of great help to over 50 companies.



Sujit Choudhry is a constitutional expert and advisor with a broad range of experience in legal building processes. He has provided technical advice in countries such as Jordan, Nepal, Tunisia, Libya Sri Lanka, Ukraine, and Egypt among others. He has provided guidance through lectures and talks in many other countries concerning this field. He tends to address constitutional design as a tool for managing the transition from violence to democratic governance especially in ethnically divided societies. His research addresses issues of broad concern in comparative constitutional law. His published works are over ninety including book chapters, working papers and reports. The professor holds degrees in law from Harvard, Toronto and Oxford.  More of Choudhry on

As the founding director of the Centre for Constitutional Transitions,  Sujit Choudhry has partnered with non-governmental organizations, universities, and other global organizations to not only generate knowledge but to also bring together and help in building consensus around research and at the same time offering policy options to other practitioners. Having been a Member of the governing Toronto advisory panel, and also a board director of Legal Aid Ontario, a massive publicly funded legal assistance program,  Sujit Choudhry has enormous experience in comparative law.

Comparative law is the study of the various legal systems in the international platform. These involve their similarities and their differences. This is often necessitated by the high levels of internationalism, economic globalization and also democratisation. This involves looking into the different constituents of the laws and their various disciplines under this law. Such constituents include comparative administrative law, comparative civil law, comparative commercial law and comparative criminal law. The importance of comparative law includes; gaining more knowledge of the legal systems currently, to streamline the legal system in place. The comparative law helps in informing all other legal fields of private and public law.It also helps to address the question of transplanting laws from one system to another while providing insights to concepts of general application and also conflict analysis.  Based on

The study of comparative law would help institutions such as the United Nations in analyzing the laws ofvarious countries especially in regard to treaties they intend to sign.

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The Brazilian Law Industry: The Million Lawyer Country

Brazil is a huge country with numerous schools that offer law as a subject to be taught. With literally several thousand courses to offer, they have managed to reach the million mark when it comes to the number of lawyers. They have the highest number of lawyers in the world.

The main reason as hinted above is the availability and ease of access to the law schools to study several law courses that you will find. This makes it a viable option for more and more people, and they take the opportunity.

Here Are Some Of The Statistics

The National Council of Justice decided to collect statistical data to account for the high number of lawyers that Brazil has. Here is what they found out about the law industry.

In summary:

  • Brazilian Law Schools have a record total of 1240 courses in the field, making it possible for anyone interested to study a certain type of law that they will choose.
  • The Brazilian Bar Examinations recorded that there were over 800,000 lawyers passed their examinations.
  • There was also the fact that if all of the lawyers who took the Bar exam were to succeed, there would be over 3 million lawyers in Brazil.

Controlling The Quality

The Brazilian Government has seen that the lawyer numbers are increasing at an alarming rate making this business an over flooded one. They have initiated methods to cull the less useful courses.

Ricardo Tosto: The Lawyer With An Agenda

Over the years, Ricardo has done several jobs that have propelled him to the big shot lawyers at the top of the food chain. He has represented:

  • Corporate Firms
  • International Companies
  • Political Figures
  • Governments
  • Pro Bono

Alma Mater

Ricardo earned a degree from the Universidade Presbisteriana Mackenzie and an Extension in Business Management.


Ricardo started small and quickly clawed his way to the top with hard work and good presentations. Right now, he trains associates at Leite Office, Tosto and Barros Advogados where he works. He is a good lawyer with a good reputation.

How Igor Cornelsen’s Accomplishments as a Banker and a Commodity Investor inspire Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Igor Cornelsen is an executive and stock market guru from Brazil. He also works for Bainbridge Investments, a firm that deals in liquid assets, real estate, and private equity. Cornelsen works as a proprietor of this company. Before joining this company, Cornelsen worked as a banker in Brazil and held various executive positions until he retired in 2011. He appeared in several publications and investment websites as an example of business leaders with immense knowledge in financial matters on Cornelsen offers consultation services to corporations and individual clients.

Cornelsen’s investment tips to entrepreneurs

Cornelsen’s primary business strategy is long-term investments. For years, he has been encouraging people to venture into long-term business deals. He also emphasizes in investing in damaged stocks. These stocks are cheap and stabilize with time, fetching significant returns on Cornelsen also advises people to spread their investments. This strategy increases an investor’s likelihood of reaping immense profits from his or her diversified stock portfolio. He also cautions investors about getting involved with damaged companies. Based on his experience, these businesses are a risky endeavor and result in loss of investment capital.

Igor Cornelsen is involved in foreign trade. He advises customers to familiarize themselves with the laws and regulations of a foreign country. That way, they can work comfortably without facing major incidents. Cornelsen also encourages businessmen and women to assess the advantages and limitations of any money lending organization before borrowing money. According to Cornelsen, some banks offer favorable interest rates than others and knowing this helps an investor make informed decisions. He also encourages people to invest when young. An early beginning means maximum returns in the future. However, later investments are equally good.

Cornelsen’s role at Bainbridge Investments

Financial matters are crucial and penetrating the corporate world requires confidence and precision. At Bainbridge, Igor Cornelsen works to guide young entrepreneurs on the expected and unexpected market trends. He also coaches business people on how to attract investors and make them bend to one’s vision. Cornelsen uses Bainbridge as a platform to reach out to individuals in the investment circles. His background as a banker puts him in a strategic position since he understands all financial needs.

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