Lime Crime Cosmetics Launches In China With Help From Revolve

Cosmetics company LimeCrime is using a nuanced expansion formula as they launch the brand in the Chinese market. The company faces a unique dynamic and has created a distinctive, innovative approach for how they will market their make-up in China. To sell cosmetics wholesale in China, animal testing must be done on the products. But Lime Crime’s a vegan brand and does not do animal testing. To avoid this requirement the company has to ship their products directly to the consumer. The company also faces complex transportation logistics, duties, taxes, customer inquiries in Chinese, international returns and counterfeiting.

Lime Crime’s solution was to partner with an e-commerce fashion platform based on Los Angeles called Revolve. The company only recently began expanding into offering beauty products to the type of consumer Lime Crime’s marketing efforts are designed to reach. To prepare to officially roll out its products in China, LimeCrime created a ‘seed audience’ by directing visitors to its website and social media feeds who live in China to visit Revolve’s website. The company also encouraged them to make others aware only Revolve has Lime Crime’s authentic products for sale on their e-commerce service. The unified efforts of Revolve and Lime Crime’s ‘seed audience’ have led Chinese consumers to understand Revolve is the only legitimate source of Lime Crime’s unique, authentic products in the country. The brand’s fans were able gain access to the Revolve e-commerce hub two hours before Lime Crime’s official launch and used word of mouth online to make a larger number of people aware of when the launch was taking place. LimeCrime worked with its group of passionate unpaid influencers to create a groundswell of local interest in the brand in China. Regular people that love the brand.

Revolve is there to speak on behalf of and promote Lime Crime. They are creating powerful, effective content about LimeCrime products that fits in with the brand’s standard marketing message. While Revolve and the Lime Crime ‘seed audience’ may not be ‘first tier influencers’, they have done an excellent job introducing the Chinese market to Lime Crime cosmetics.