The History of Sweetgreen as Told by Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is one of a trio of co-founders behind the work being done at the high-end salad chain, Sweetgreen. Founded over a decade ago, Sweetgreen has grown into one of the most prominent and high-potential restaurant chains in the country.

Blending analytics with an honest and healthy approach to food has given the Sweetgreen team some very real credit in the industry.

Sweetgreen is now on the verge of going national, leaving behind their solely Northeastern roots, and that deserves a closer look and some examination for the team guiding them to this point. Let’s talk about Nathaniel Ru and how his hands-on approach to management has changed the direction of the company.

We can trace the success of Sweetgreen back to the humble origins of the company. Sweetgreen was founded by a trio of students who had been attending Georgetown University together. Nicolas Lammet, Jonathan Nieman and Nathaniel Ru had all met and gotten to know each other during a class on entrepreneurship at Georgetown.

Over time they began to put together the concept that would eventually become known as Sweetgreen. Their goal had been to put something together that was healthy, filling, and fitting for the crowd that they wanted to attract: hungry college students that were always out and about and on the go.

The trio of students workshopped the idea until they were comfortable with approaching a potential establishment to host their first building, an old tavern located on M Street.

When Ru decided to lead his team to the M Street location he did so knowing full well that it was a long shot to acquire a lease. After all, Ru and his team were barely a month out of Georgetown and as fresh-faced as graduates tend to be. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

It took persistence on the part of Ru and his team in order to get the landlord to accept a sit-down meeting to discuss their goals. For a wonder, the landlord was receptive and gave them the opportunity to put together a real business plan complete with backers. If the Sweetgreen team could make that happen, they would have the location of their dreams.

Now, years later, we can see that Sweetgreen was more than just fortuitous, they were prepared. Sweetgreen brought with them an approach to food that hadn’t been attempted by other entry-level startups.

Sweetgreen focused on the tech side of things while embracing being as healthy as possible. The result? A farm-to-table startup that was embraced by the younger generation.

Mike Baur Helps Start Leading Swiss Company

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur who co founded Swiss Startup Factory. His company specializes in providing coaching and mentoring to a number of entrepreneurs. In its first few years of existence, the firm has established itself as one of the top companies in the nation. As an entrepreneur, Mike Baur looks to help a number of new businesses in a number of areas such as finance, marketing, management and product development. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Baur invested in startup companies for ten years and also worked in the banking sector as well. These experiences have allowed him to develop a considerable amount of expertise of business and what it takes for entrepreneurs to build successful companies.


Swiss Startup Factory was co founded by Mike Baur in an effort to help a number of new businesses maximize their chances of success. The firm helps businesses in a number of areas and one of these is in finance. Baur helps a number of entrepreneurs establish sound financial management. He helps them find the best ways to leverage debt to reach business objectives such as expansion. Mike also helps a number of entrepreneurs manage debt so that they don’t risk going bankrupt. Along with helping entrepreneurs manage debt, Baur’s company also helps them track revenue and monitor expenses to ensure profitability.


Another way in which Mike helps entrepreneurs is by helping them with marketing. He regularly provides assistance to companies who are looking for the best ways to get more customers. Baur will provide assistance with the newest marketing methods such as social media, internet advertising and blogging. His company will also provide help businesses market themselves with more traditional methods such as conventional advertising and word of mouth referrals.


When entrepreneurs work with Swiss Startup Factory, they also get help with management. A number of companies need to be managed effectively in order to succeed. Baur’s company helps a number of business owners by giving them strategies on how to manage employees as well as general everyday operations. With the help of his company, a number of entrepreneurs have been in position to manage their companies more efficiently.


Baur and his company Swiss Startup Factory are also active in providing assistance with product development. With this form of assistance, Baur’s company will provide advice on how to help companies improve their products as well as introduce new ones that will meet the needs of customers. Regular product development helps a number of businesses stay competitive and gain an advantage in the current market. Therefore, product development is often a common thing in which Swiss Startup Factory helps entrepreneurs with on a regular basis.


About James Halpern

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

James Halpern was born on 1st January 1995. Having been born to a family of real estate developers, Halpern gained firsthand experience in real estate development. Halpern started his career in real estate development while working at his father’s real estate industry, The Halpern. Having gained an extensive experience in real estate development, James Halpern established his real estate company, JMH Development. Under his helm, JMH Development would invest in different real estate ventures. In the fall of 2007, JMH Development had grown to a worth of 500 million dollars. The company would collaborate with world’s leading real estate developers such as Madden Real Estate Ventures. Their collaboration resulted in the creation of Aloft South Miami project in 2005.

Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream

James Halpern is the founder and managing partner of JMH Development. Throughout his career, Halpern has been instrumental in the success of a series of projects in the New York and Miami. JMH Development ranks among the leading providers of real estate development services in the United States. JMH Development is seen as the developer of the most unique and modernized properties in markets such as Miami Beach, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

As the managing director of JMH Development, Halpern commits to creating new and outstanding buildings. Furthermore, JMH Development has an interest in rental properties and commercial businesses throughout the New York.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

Recently, James Halpern struck a deal with Kushner Companies and the Rock Point Group to convert the former Williamsburg’s wild turkey bourbon warehouse into building condos. In 2010, JMH turned it into 338 rental houses. In the fall of 2011, JMH teamed up with Brooklyn Height Cinema in the construction of luxury condos. Even though, James Halpern experienced professional debacles when one of his major projects was scrapped off.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

In partnership with JMH Development, James Halpern has several ongoing projects in Miami. Furthermore, he plans to build a hotel in London Island. James Halpern’s recent activities include Aloft South Beach Hotel on 30th September 2016, Surfside Cando Tower on 2nd November 2015, and Starwood Hotel and Resorts’ Design on 12th June 2015. Besides, James Halpern serves as a director at Parametric Dinning LLC.

How Igor Cornelsen’s Accomplishments as a Banker and a Commodity Investor inspire Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Igor Cornelsen is an executive and stock market guru from Brazil. He also works for Bainbridge Investments, a firm that deals in liquid assets, real estate, and private equity. Cornelsen works as a proprietor of this company. Before joining this company, Cornelsen worked as a banker in Brazil and held various executive positions until he retired in 2011. He appeared in several publications and investment websites as an example of business leaders with immense knowledge in financial matters on Cornelsen offers consultation services to corporations and individual clients.

Cornelsen’s investment tips to entrepreneurs

Cornelsen’s primary business strategy is long-term investments. For years, he has been encouraging people to venture into long-term business deals. He also emphasizes in investing in damaged stocks. These stocks are cheap and stabilize with time, fetching significant returns on Cornelsen also advises people to spread their investments. This strategy increases an investor’s likelihood of reaping immense profits from his or her diversified stock portfolio. He also cautions investors about getting involved with damaged companies. Based on his experience, these businesses are a risky endeavor and result in loss of investment capital.

Igor Cornelsen is involved in foreign trade. He advises customers to familiarize themselves with the laws and regulations of a foreign country. That way, they can work comfortably without facing major incidents. Cornelsen also encourages businessmen and women to assess the advantages and limitations of any money lending organization before borrowing money. According to Cornelsen, some banks offer favorable interest rates than others and knowing this helps an investor make informed decisions. He also encourages people to invest when young. An early beginning means maximum returns in the future. However, later investments are equally good.

Cornelsen’s role at Bainbridge Investments

Financial matters are crucial and penetrating the corporate world requires confidence and precision. At Bainbridge, Igor Cornelsen works to guide young entrepreneurs on the expected and unexpected market trends. He also coaches business people on how to attract investors and make them bend to one’s vision. Cornelsen uses Bainbridge as a platform to reach out to individuals in the investment circles. His background as a banker puts him in a strategic position since he understands all financial needs.

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Troy Mcquagge Has Been Honored With a Gold Win by One Planet Awards, CEO of the Year, 2016

The CEO of USHEALTH Group was recognized as the Gold winner in the 2016’s One Planet Awards, CEO of the year. Planet One Awards is an international program that is leading in honoring organizations for their professional excellences and business in all industries across the world. All organizations in the world are qualified to succumb their nominations whether private or public, whether profit-making or not, whether established or start-ups and the size don’t matter as well. Their categories of honor include new products and services, executives, Corporate Communications, PR as well as marketing.

USHEALTH Group is one of the leading insurance holding company in Ft. Worth, Texas specializing in innovative health coverage for small business owners and self-employed people. The company focusses on combining its employee’s talents and agents so as to deliver profitable and competitive insurance products. When Mr. McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in the year 2010, he came up with an initiative to restructure the company’s captive distribution agency, the USHEALTH Advisors. Apparently, his initiative was a success, and this led him to be elected as the CEO of the company in 2014. Under the management of Mr. McQuagge as the CEO, USHEALTH Group managed to achieve an exceptional success profitability and growth despite the stiff competition in the individual health insurance market.

Mr. McQuagge expressed his delight to be honored by the prestigious One Planet Awards in the venerated industry. He said that apart from him being recognized, it is also a recognition of everyone involved at USHEALTH Group, Inc. He added that it is an evidence of their commitment as a company to offer innovative health coverage aimed at solving healthcare affordability problems at all times.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge has been the Chief Executive Officer and the President of USHEALTH Group, Inc. since 2014. He started his career in 1983 at Allstate Insurance Company. He later worked for United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI) which was a student’s insurance division. He became the president of the agency since 1997, and by 2006 the agency was acquired by a private investor who changed its name to HealthMarkets. Mr. McQuagge became the leader of the sales and marketing department dealing with self-employed division. The company under his control realized over $1 billion premium sales volume in the year and led to the company to win the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year from Stevie Awards and Selling Power Magazine.

At USHEALTH Group, he served diligently, and the company has grown successfully offering innovative health coverage products in the insurance industry. Mr. McQuagge has also served as the CEO and president of Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and other USHEALTH Group’s subsidiaries. Mr. McQuagge graduated in 1983 from the University of Central Florida holding Bachelor of Arts in legal studies.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Company Strives to Benefit Patients from Previous Treatment of Others

Who is Eric Lefkofsky?


He is an American Entrepreneur from Chicago who created a health-tech company called Tempus. Tempus ( is a platform that is analytical and interactive providing genomic sequencing services and molecular and therapeutic data to give physicians the information to make real-time decisions. Some of those quick decisions can be the difference between life and death!


The goal of starting Tempus was for each patient to receive benefits from others who came before them with physicians given the tools to learn as more and more data is gathered.

As both CEO and co-founder of Tempus, Lefkofsky also has a hand in battling cancer. The company, for all practical purposes, has a built in operating system to do just that.


But Lefkofsky does more than run Tempus. He is also co-founder of Lightbank, where as managing director he manages a venture fund that invests in what’s called “disruptive technologies.” He is also co-founder and chair of Groupon, a global e-commerce marketplace. Lefkofsky also co-created Uptake Technologies, which is a platform of predictive analytics that work for the some of the world’s largest industries Lefkofsky is also involved in Mediaocean, an integrated procurement technology provider and Innerworkings, a managed print and solutions promoter that is global.


According to his book “Accelerated Disruption,” Lefkofsky admits that disruptive businesses are made every day. When an individual comes up with an original idea, and that idea offers better convenience, functionality, price or service, an entire industry can be reshaped. But what happens? Businesses and ideas let that advantage that they have get away from them over time because they don’t realize how fast paced technology allows for challenges to come in an instant. That is what Lefkofsky refers to as “accelerated disruption.”


Lefkofsky says that the accelerated disruption business development is moving at the speed of the next advancement in technology. What businesses benefit from accelerated disruption? Those businesses that both control and understand the forces of technology. Those businesses will keep from getting displaced.


Lefkofsky talks about some important concepts involving startup businesses. Some of these include choosing the right industries, turning pain in an industry into competitive advantage and investigating disruptive ideas and radar testing them.


Eric Lefkofsky also advises that you can turn your customer base into a Resource and Development team that is sophisticated. He says that being able to mater the quick release product improvements art and promoting your ideas while in the face of industry and investor resistance are keys to being successful. Lefkofsky believes that a capital strategy should be developed that supports your business in those first steps and most critical stages of your business development.


Lefkofsky, who is worth more than a billion dollars, gained a lot of success by being able to explain the formation of disruptive businesses. He also provides a framework that is conceptual in the way of making your idea a reality.


In 2006, Lefkofsky formed the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which is a private charitable foundation that advances high impact initiatives to serve communities and enhance lives.

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About Tempus: