Dr. Jennifer Walden Builds Her Client Base in Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden has proven herself as a plastic surgeon. She is one of the most successful surgeons and the United States. People have come to her for a lot of different procedures, and she has been more than happy to provide consultation as well as any type of information that can help people build their confidence. Cosmetic surgery is often what people have when they are not pleased with some body part. The rhinoplasty surgery is very popular, and Dr. Jennifer Walden has also done lots of breast augmentation procedures.

Dr. Walden has been able to update her site with testimonials from patients that have been pleased with the services that she has provided. This gives even more credibility to the expertise of Dr. Jennifer Walden. She has excelled in this area, and people are definitely impressed with all of the accolades that she has received over the years. Dr. Jennifer Walden has become someone that is known for the information that she provides through news correspondents on TV shows. She has also been known for the wealth of information that she has provided through a book that she co-authored.

All of these things have made it easy for people to trust Dr. Jennifer Walden and the areas where she does her work. She started in New York, but she would move back to Texas and open another practice in this area. She has continued to gain a lot of support from her new patients that are in this state. There is a lot of talk about the work that she has done, and she has proven that he can handle a multitude of tasks while still running a successful practice. Dr. Jennifer Walden has become a very popular surgeon because she has become very dedicated to her craft.

Bruce Levenson: Entrepreneurship And Philanthropy Hand-in-hand

Bruce Levenson is known for multiple roles in his busy life as an entrepreneur. He was the co-owner of NBA team Atlanta Hawks LLC, from 2004 to 2014 and known for a number of business venture, http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/11493472/jason-whitlock-bruce-levenson-atlanta-hawks. Levenson is also a great philanthropist with deeper involvements in total well-being of the society by actively working for the uplifting the different sections. He is also on the boards of a number of business groups and philanthropic organizations and considered to a highly influential figure in the U.S. – Israel relationship. Bruce has a deep association with various industrial bodies to make the technology development useful for the young generation.

In 1977, Bruce along with his partner Ed Peskowitz founded United Communications Group (UCG) to provide the portfolio to business information companies. It started the services by publishing a newsletter called Oil Express to provide the latest developments in the oil industry. Under the leadership of Bruce, the firm expanded its information services to healthcare, mortgage banking, telecommunications, technology, and other industries. The services of the firm include providing latest news and developments, analysis, and data. Today, UCG is one of the largest business information companies around the globe, and it offers specialized services to more than two million customers across various business sectors.

Since childhood, Bruce Levenson was very interested in playing basketball and that made him own an NBA team in 2004. Bruce, Ed, and other partners joined hands to buy the Atlanta Hawks and the Philips Arena, an indoor arena in Atlanta that can be used for various purposes. His journey with the team helped him to become a member of NBA Board of Governors. Bruce is also a minority stakeholder of TechTarget from its founding days and served on its board. In the recent years, he founded DOT, a private firm with an innovative cooking technology that helps the bread toasting done in just three seconds.

Bruce completed his graduation in Political Science from Washington University and completed his Law graduation from the American University School of Law. He started the career with Washington Star, an afternoon newspaper. According to PR News, as a prominent philanthropist, Levenson is an active participant in organizations such as Hoop Dreams Foundation and Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. With his thought process to help low-income children in pursuing higher education, he worked with I Have a Dream Foundation and became the President of its Washington chapter. Bruce pours significant donations to Seeds of Peace and SEED Foundation that work against hatred and violence.

Visit his website: brucelevenson.com

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Company Strives to Benefit Patients from Previous Treatment of Others

Who is Eric Lefkofsky?


He is an American Entrepreneur from Chicago who created a health-tech company called Tempus. Tempus (tempus.com) is a platform that is analytical and interactive providing genomic sequencing services and molecular and therapeutic data to give physicians the information to make real-time decisions. Some of those quick decisions can be the difference between life and death!


The goal of starting Tempus was for each patient to receive benefits from others who came before them with physicians given the tools to learn as more and more data is gathered.

As both CEO and co-founder of Tempus, Lefkofsky also has a hand in battling cancer. The company, for all practical purposes, has a built in operating system to do just that.


But Lefkofsky does more than run Tempus. He is also co-founder of Lightbank, where as managing director he manages a venture fund that invests in what’s called “disruptive technologies.” He is also co-founder and chair of Groupon, a global e-commerce marketplace. Lefkofsky also co-created Uptake Technologies, which is a platform of predictive analytics that work for the some of the world’s largest industries Lefkofsky is also involved in Mediaocean, an integrated procurement technology provider and Innerworkings, a managed print and solutions promoter that is global.


According to his book “Accelerated Disruption,” Lefkofsky admits that disruptive businesses are made every day. When an individual comes up with an original idea, and that idea offers better convenience, functionality, price or service, an entire industry can be reshaped. But what happens? Businesses and ideas let that advantage that they have get away from them over time because they don’t realize how fast paced technology allows for challenges to come in an instant. That is what Lefkofsky refers to as “accelerated disruption.”


Lefkofsky says that the accelerated disruption business development is moving at the speed of the next advancement in technology. What businesses benefit from accelerated disruption? Those businesses that both control and understand the forces of technology. Those businesses will keep from getting displaced.


Lefkofsky talks about some important concepts involving startup businesses. Some of these include choosing the right industries, turning pain in an industry into competitive advantage and investigating disruptive ideas and radar testing them.


Eric Lefkofsky also advises that you can turn your customer base into a Resource and Development team that is sophisticated. He says that being able to mater the quick release product improvements art and promoting your ideas while in the face of industry and investor resistance are keys to being successful. Lefkofsky believes that a capital strategy should be developed that supports your business in those first steps and most critical stages of your business development.


Lefkofsky, who is worth more than a billion dollars, gained a lot of success by being able to explain the formation of disruptive businesses. He also provides a framework that is conceptual in the way of making your idea a reality.


In 2006, Lefkofsky formed the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which is a private charitable foundation that advances high impact initiatives to serve communities and enhance lives.

Read more about Lefkofsky here: http://www.chicagotribune.com/classified/realestate/elitestreet/ct-elite-street-glencoe-groupon-lefkofsky-1211-biz-20161206-story.html

About Tempus: http://chicagoinno.streetwise.co/2016/09/29/lefkofsky-takes-the-lid-off-tempus-partners-with-northwestern-on-personalized-cancer-care/