Back to School with Freedom Financial

It is August 1st, and summer vacation is almost over. Time to start thinking about back-to-school and that means shopping for school supplies and new clothes. How do you stay within budget, yet still be able to provide all the school necessities your child(ren) will need?

Freedom Financial Network vice-president of Phoenix Operations, Kevin Gallegos, has a good suggestion when it comes to shopping the for school supplies; and that is to get a list of supplies from each child’s school, or teacher, so that you are not buying a bunch of stuff that will not even come to use in the classroom. A lot of schools will post needed supplies either online or send a list in the mail (or email) to each student enrolled at the school prior to school starting. If you keep this list for next year, you may be able to safe money by purchasing items at sale prices throughout the year and save them till school starts again.

Another suggestion from Freedom Financial is to “establish a back-to-school budget”. This means set goals/limits on how much you can afford to spend for school supplies and clothing. If you want to save money on clothing, the best idea is to start shopping early. A tip from Kevin Gallegos of Freedom Financial, is so look for clearance sales, usually around the beginning of the school year.

As far as supplies go, make sure you don’t already have the same supplies, to avoid making double purchases. Take a walk around the home office, kids bedrooms, and check for any supplies that have not been used that the children can use for school.

Clothing can be very expensive, and one way to avoid spending extra money, is to purchase winter clothes in April. This will mean planning next school year’s clothing list ahead in order to get what is wanted and needed. Another idea, is to set up a neighborhood clothes swap, it is a good way for children to get “gently used” clothing from your neighbors children that have simply outgrown theirs.

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