Barbara Stokes Helps Secure Fema Contract

If you haven’t heard of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, it is a relief construction contractor headquartered in the city of Huntsville that was recently awarded a $28.5 million-dollar contract by Fema and the United States Department of Homeland Security. The contract, which entails building modular homes to support hurricane Harvey relief efforts has created several manufacturing jobs throughout Alabama, as well as Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Minnesota, and Florida. How did Green Structure Homes of Alabama beat out competition vying for the same government contract? Well, Green Structure Homes of Alabama, which is headed by CEO Barbara Stokes, as well as business partner COO Scott Stokes, has built a reputation for manufacturing innovative homes in the aftermath of natural disasters. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Founded in 2008, Green Structure Homes of Alabama is a leader in disaster relief solutions and a company that attributes quality engineering, innovation, and manufacturing techniques to their industry success. The company’s CEO, Barbara Stokes has been instrumental in making Green Structure homes one of the most sought-after relief construction contractors in the industry. She is a Mercer University Alumna, who studied Biomedical and Medical Engineering, and in 2000, earned her Bachelor of Science in Engineering. She also studied building design, which comprised of courses in manufacturing and management, as well as thermodynamics, and structures and properties of materials. These courses have afforded Stokes a knowledge base that makes her invaluable in the day to day operations at Green Structure Homes of Alabama. Read this article at

In addition to her educational background, Barbara Stokes also gained industry experience while working with renowned companies like Boeing and the Pisces Corporation. While working at these respective companies, she broadened her breadth of knowledge in areas related to construction and management, and also developed leadership skills that play into her role as CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama. As far as the contract with Fema and U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Barbara Stokes is honored to support the government in their efforts to provide quality housing to displaced Americans, in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey. Stoke’s enthusiasm for giving back to the community is probably not surprising to the people that know her best. She has made several donations to charities based in Huntsville, AL, and has worked as a volunteer in several of the city’s communities.

What’s next for Green Structure Homes of Alabama? Well, the government contract that they secured requires that the modular homes being built to support hurricane Harvey relief efforts, be completed by March of 2018. So presumably, that is the company’s primary objective, at least for now.

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