George Soros Contributions To Address Social Concerns

Looking at George Soros philanthropy works across the world, it is quite evident that his charity works have a deep rooting in his past. Soros spends his childhood years in the Nazi-occupied area of Hungary. As a young adult, Soros immigrated to London where he spent some time before finally moving to the United States of America where he currently resides. While living in America, Soros started trading on wall street and eventually became successful.

Wall street made George Soros an immigrant American a lot of wealth. In 1992, Soros gambling against the British pound earned him mainstream media attention. Soros believed that the British pound was overrated therefore he placed a $1 billion bet against the currency. The aftermath of this chance led to the rapid devaluation of the money as the British bank was aggressively selling the pound. For individuals who don’t know, this is where Soros earned his name ‘the person who single-handedly broke the bank of England.’

With the wealth he acquired, George Soros shifted his focus on supporting various humanitarian and charitable causes across the globe with the emphasis being put on the promotion of democracy on a global scale. In 1984, he set up the first open society foundation in Hungary’s history.

Soros has been one of the biggest political donors in support of the Democrats. In 2016, Soros was a huge backer of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid; he made considerable donations to Hillary’s campaign. Other than his support for Hillary, Soros also supported many Democrats who were vying for various elective posts while at the same time campaigning against Trump’s election bid.


Most of the funds he provided the Democrats went to different political action committees. Soros has been supporting various Democrats and their political agendas as a way to exercise his style of championing for democracy.

Soros is known to make significant donations to the Open Society Foundation every year. The donations to this foundation average $850 million each year. Soros drastically changed the amount of money he donated to the Open Society Foundation when he increased his contributions which is as a result of changes made to his estate planning. Read more about George at The New York Times.

The effect of the change in investment and estate planning made it possible for Soros to donate $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation. The media company that broke the word of this development first was The Wall Street Journal. More information about Soros donation to the Open Society Foundation can be found in the New York Times.

In the forthcoming years, it is expected that Soros will make more contributions to the Open Society Foundation amounting to $2 billion. The work, the Open Society Foundation, does on a global scale has been recognized throughout the world. It is true that no charitable institution can rival or match up to what the Open Society Foundation has been able to do. Darren Walker who is the current president of the Ford foundation agrees that the Open Society has been excellent in supporting various humanitarian and charitable causes throughout the world. Know more on about George Soros.

Thor Halvorssen Seen as New Face for Global Human Rights Movement

The New York Times once called him “proudly politically incorrect,” and that nicely sums up who Thor Halvorssen truly is.

The founder of the New York City-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF) continues talking loudly for those people around the world, whose voices have been silenced by dictators and other tyrants destroying their nations and the basic human rights of their people for further greed and political gain.

Mr. Halvorssen has seen it all and experienced some difficult moments as he tells the

He logs many friendly flier miles, sneaking into places he really shouldn’t, like the time he and his cameraman jetted off to Ho Chi Minh in 2010 to interview ThichQuang Do, the father of the banned Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, who had suffered under house arrest for 28 years.

Mr. Halvorssen had quietly made his way into the monastery and procured a fascinating interview with the patriarch. Upon his exit, Vietnamese authorities were watching and nabbed Mr. Halvorssen detaining him for quite some time, until he could convince the Vietnamese police that he was in fact, merely a Buddhist seeker. Hr. Halvorssen claims he was beaten badly during the detainment, while his cameraman had luckily escaped out a side door with the video card hidden on his person.

Mr. Halvorssen has traveled the globe trying to help dissidents and political prisoners as he shines a glaring light on those nations who force their people to live under ugly despotism.

He goes after the “big boys,” like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, whose citizens live in constant fear for being taken to one of the country’s unspeakably horrific prison camps, for the most minor of offenses. It is believed that some 200,000 remain imprisoned there, in an East Asian country ironically called, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea .

Thor Halvorssen has had his life threatened many times, and others have tried to label him this or that. In his mind, he is not a conservative but more of a “classical liberal” in the John Stuart Mill philosophy.

To learn more, visit HRF.