Southridge Capital’s Unconventional but Effective Financial Solutions

Southridge Capital is an international organization that deals in structured finance and advisory services for publicly classified companies. It focuses its assistance on a diverse group of clients by giving a wide range of financial resolutions that are innovative.

Southridge boasts of a veritable executive team that has exemplary comprehension of the different industries in the market along with it adept ability in the formulation and execution of financial programs in behalf of their clients. The organization has made direct investments into developing companies since 1996 that has a total of $1.8 billion. Having assisted more than 250 publicly traded companies, Southridge has a deep perception on the issues that each developing company has to go through. And the organization’s team has the appropriate specialization and knowledge to provide advice on majority of the issues that befall companies ranging from how to become a public company to the incorporation of specialized financing methods that would enhance balance sheet management.

The services that Southridge Capital provides are divided into two main categories which are the Advisory Services and the Structured Finance. The Advisory Services is composed of financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advice, and legal settlement. Whereas, the structure finance services covers securitization, credit enhancement, and financing solutions.

Based on releasefact, mainly the advisory services deals with the augmentation of the clients’ financial statements where Southridge constructs a financial program that will take every cash aspects of the client into consideration. The program will likewise cover recommendations for mergers and acquisitions along with overall restructuring, bankruptcy advice and legal settlement where the Southridge team will guide the client in all the legal requirements to minimize other costs and expenses during litigation.

The structured finance services generally involve unconventional strategies for the client to raise or increase the required capital and funds. The said methods entail making loans against insider shares, common stocks, capital assets, and other assets. Clients are likewise given the opportunity to utilize Southridge’s EPA or the Equity Purchase Agreement where they can raise capital voluntarily at their own request – anytime, notwithstanding the market’s current conditions.


Ricardo Tosto – A classical Skill in Legal Representation

The story of triumph in any career can only be summarized by dedication, perseverance and discipline. With every rotation, the world keeps changing. We get innovations; the technology is ever on the run, new problems are emerging. It only takes on the vigilant people to be able to run a lifetime of a successful career. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the lawyers who has managed to add more taste to the field of law. His success is not only appreciated by those he has successfully represented, but also by the young generation who aspire to join the same profession.

Brazil has a reputation for having brilliant lawyers. Furthermore, the future is even more promising. However, Ricardo Tosto will be appreciated for his contribution and ranked the best of his time. Mr. Oliveira got his law degree from the University of Presbiteriana Mackenzie, but he also has training in business administration.

Though Ricardo started from a small law firm, his reputation is much more than anyone could think. With the help of other lawyers, he formed Leite, Tosto e Barros Advocates, a firm that is known its competence in commercial representation. The exciting thing about the firm is that in 2013, it got international recognition when it was awarded (International Law Office) ILO client of choice.

It can take pages narrating the achievement of Ricardo Tosto, but one thing that can’t miss out is that he has successfully represented prominent people and big companies. The lawyer is competent in the areas of commerce, politics and election.

The ability of Ricardo to strategically win his cases gave him the opportunity to work for Superior Court of Justice (STJ). In the recent task, STJ gave him the responsibility to read a press release on the stand of the court concerning divorce and stable unions. This issue was a stressing to Carvalho as some of the matter were contradicting. Topics such as division of assets, conjugal rights and mediation were handled ambiguously.

Out of the courtroom, Ricardo’s success has given him the opportunity to sit at the same table with other international lawyers. Just to mention a few, he is a member of the Brazilian Bars Association, President of the Judiciary Reforms Committee and a member of the International Bar Association. Ricardo youtube channel

The Innovator Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is a strong force in the world of medicine and healthcare. He started his college career by graduating in 1985 from Yale University with a BS, BSEE in Math and Computer Science. Tananbaum graduated from Harvard with a MBA in 1991 and a Doctor of Medicine (MD) in 1989. In 1989, he graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with his Master’s. In college, he showed a great interest in math and electrical engineering along with computer science. Jim Tananbaum believes in merging hard science and computer science with healthcare. Jim Tananbaum has formed numerous healthcare organizations in hopes to fight and cure diseases that are effecting people all around the world. The company he is focusing mainly on right now is Foresite Capital which he are the founder and CEO of. According to Biz Journals, this company searches for emerging healthcare that they supply Capital to and information. The biggest company Foresite is invested in right now is Intarcia. Intarcia is working on a twice a year type II diabetes implant that can help patients control diabetes and reduce weight. Before being an investor, Jim Tananbaum co-found and co-sponsored multiple companies in the healthcare industry.

Recently, Jim Tananbaum sat down with INC42 to talk about work and everything else that is going on with him. Tananbaum started off by talking about where he got the idea for Foresite Capital from which he explained that it all came from over 25 years in the healthcare business and being a healthcare entrepreneur along with an investment strategist. In all the questions asked to Tananbaum, he always accredits his passion of the innovation of healthcare. For instance, when asked what excites you, his answer was innovations in healthcare and when asked how he brings ideas to life, Tananbaum answered, looking for innovation leaders in the healthcare field. Tananbaum explained that not a lot of synergy caused a bad experience at work and how he wished he believed in himself more during the start of his career. Tananbaum also explained how much he wants entrepreneurs to continue to push themselves and become innovators.

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