How Adam Milstein Is Supporting Jewish Charities And Causes

Adam Milstein is a Jewish philanthropist who resides in Southern California. He came to the United States in in 1981 from Israel along with his wife, Gila and their two children. The Milstein’s would have a third child that was born in the United States.

Mr. Milstein’s background includes being educated at the Technion, which is Israel’s most prestigious university. He studied business and economics at the Technion and worked with his father in real estate and construction. Adam Milstein also served as a soldier in the Israeli Defense Force. He saw military combat while on duty during Israel’s Yom Kippur War with its neighbors that saw Israel victorious.

After settling down in Southern California, Adam Milstein quickly enrolled at the University of Southern California to pursue a graduate degree in business. After he completed his MBA he found work as an independent broker. Eventually Milstein’s tenacity and hard work landed him a job at Hager Pacific Properties.

After working with Hager Pacific Properties, Milstein was promoted to be a managing director at this real estate development firm. It was while working at Hager Pacific Properties that Adam Milstein was introduced into the wide world of philanthropy. One of his business partners at Hager Pacific Partners encouraged Adam Milstein to support charities and causes that were dear to his heart. He also brought up the idea of ma’aser rishon and Tzedakah which is the giving of a tenth of one’s income to charities and to support charities in whatever way possible.

With a successful career and a family that was growing up, Adam Milstein decided to dive headlong into the world of philanthropy. He created his own family foundation that is called the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. It gives out more than a million dollars each year to charities, scholarships and non-profits that support the Jewish community and causes.

Adam Milstein also created a non-profit group called Pijama B’ America. This non-profit helps provide books to Jewish families and Israeli Americans in the United States. It provides them free of charge. The goal of Pijama B’ America is to help Jewish and Israeli families learn about their Jewish history and heritage and reconnect with the Hebrew language.

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