EOS: Lip Balm’s New Leader

New brands come along every day, but many of them find the business world and competition too much. Some find success, but remain a local name or a secret except for a select few. And then there is EOS lip balm, an underdog brand that had a mission in mind when they created their lip balm. The founders worked diligently to promote their lip balm; to create a worthwhile product that customers would love. They did that wonderfully, and now, just seven years after it all began, the EOS name is one just as well-known as Chapstick. Speaking of the eBay available brand, EOS even toppled sales of the once top lip balm contender. Yes, more people prefer the EOS lip balm to the Chapstick brand!

EOS sells approximately one million orbs of their lip balm each week. This equals more than $250 million in annual sales, and bigger numbers than Chapstick! It is amazing to many that EOS could make such great strides in such a short period, but the brand’s founders weren’t so shocked. They took the time to formulate a worthwhile product, but they didn’t price it at a rate that only some could afford. They listened to their Facebook fans and they didn’t forget the fun that any product needs to be a success. EOS, aka Evolution of Smooth, is certainly a smooth operator with something to prove. And they did just that. EOS lip balms are simply amazing, and the numbers and newfound claim to fame proved just that.