Ten Fantastic Tips for Increasing Productivity from Top Freelancer Website Upwork

 Upwork, one of the world’s top freelancing websites and home to thousands of businesses and independent professionals shared tips for creating to-do-lists. According to Upwork, following these tips helps hundreds of freelancers increase their productivity:

  1. Record Everything Writing down all of your tasks can help you prevent unfinished tasks from taking up your valuable attention.Planning out every task lets you can focus on the task you are working on at a specific point in time.
  2.  Make Your To-Do-List Ahead of Time Planning out your daily to-do-list on the day before can help you start the day running and keep you focused.
  3. Store Your List in One Place Keeping your list in one place prevents you from losing track of your tasks and saves time when deciding which task to focus on next.
  4.  Add Time Attributes to Your Tasks Adding time attributes such as a start date and a time when you will work on the task to help you accurately plan how you will execute tasks. This will help you accomplish tasks on time.
  5. Prioritize Tasks Adding a priority to each task can help you handle unexpected events ensuring that you complete the most important tasks first.
  6. Keep Updating Your List Taking a few minutes to evaluate your tasks everyday and delete low value tasks can help you focus on higher value tasks increasing your productivity.
  7.  Delegation When you create tasks or sub-task make sure to assign them to a specific person so that tasks don’t slip through the cracks. 8. Break Tasks Down into Smaller Tasks To keep from being overwhelmed by the size of tasks break them down into many smaller tasks which can be quickly completed. 9. Process tasks in Batches Doing similar tasks at the same time can help save time. 10. Assign Energy Levels to Tasks According to Upwork, assigning an energy level to every task when you create it can help you work more efficiently. Using energy levels to schedule tasks that take more concentration when your productivity is highest can help you achieve your goals.

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