How End Citizens United Is Attempting To Reform The System

In 2010 a Supreme Court decision changed American elections. Out of that ruling came the creation of End Citizens United. The case that changed everything was Citizens United v F.E.C. The ruling created the ability for billionaires and special interests to spend an unlimited amount of money on elections for their own benefit, and to so in a way that was untraceable. This creates no accountability or transparency in elections and people have no idea who is actually controlling elections. End Citizen United wants to overturn this ruling and reform the campaign finance system.


Through grassroots donors, End Citizens United was created with the ultimate goal to overturn that ruling. They plan on doing this by supporting Democratic candidates who also wish to overturn this ruling. They hope to reform the campaign finance system. They hope to fight against Big Money and reform the rigged political system through the election of candidates that are aiming for this reform as well. By backing candidates who have the goal to change the system End Citizens United is hoping to change things at a local and state level as well. By doing that the goal to overturn the ruling and create an amendment will be easier.


They believe that through three key steps they can create circumstances that can ultimately create a change for reform in the campaign system. These steps are electing pro-reform candidates, creating the issue of money in politics as a national priority and top concern, and using grassroots membership to show political power on the problem of money in the political world.


Through their donors, they have been able to generate millions of dollars that are being used to back these candidates and continue to generate more money to back more candidates. They are expanding their donor list and are aiming to grow and reach out to more people. Although the road to change is hard, because of End Citizens United attention is being brought to the issue and focus is being brought to the issue.


End Citizens United hopes to reform the corrupt political campaign system and eradicate Big Money from elections. They are focused on getting pro-reform candidates elected into office so that they can create real reform and bring real change to the system. They continue to raise money and awareness in the attempts to make this goal a reality. They are dedicated to the reform and have no desire to give up until change happens.