The Power of Securus Technologies in Our Local Jails

The hardest part about working in a jail is the fact that the inmates could do us serious harm if we let our guard down for a second. These inmates have years and countless hours a day to plan things while we as officers have 8 hours a day in the jail. To keep the peace in the jail and to help prevent crime, we have to use some pretty unique resources.


At the visitor center, we have many new pieces of technology that scan every person and their belongings before they can meet with an inmate. It would not take much, like a kitchen fork, for an inmate to turn it into a weapon and have an edge over the officers. Worse than that, visitors who give the inmates drugs complicate the problems we have because an inmate high on heroin is more dangerous than you could imagine. Even a group of six officers could have an issue bringing an inmate to the ground who is high on drugs.


To help make the jail safer for us officers, visitors, and the inmates too, we recently got together with Securus Technologies to update our inmate communication system. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, talks about how his Dallas based company has one objective that all 1,000 employs work towards each day. They believe making the world a safer place for us all is the key, and our jails are certainly safer with their new system in place.


I was monitoring the inmate calls last month when the system alerted me to chatter between an inmate and someone who was coming to visit. He was talking in code about bringing in a large amount of drugs. We were able to put surveillance on the visitor and not only took down the suspect before he got to jail, we discovered a new source of drugs we never had eyes on.


Information Technology Giants and Patent Claims

Securus Technologies is the leading producer of Information Technology products and services to individuals currently residing for working for the American judicial system. These include security Personnel, incarcerated individuals, as well as other employees working in or around prisons and jails in the United States. They offer reliable and high-quality services, and in recent news it has been released that 11 of their highly trained field technicians have recent release of the highest in certifications, making them able to provide even further customer service and maintenance on devices and applications far beyond what is expected of them.


GTL, another company involved in the information industry, has claimed that Securus Technologies has multiple expired patents on their products and services. This information was released on the internet a few months ago, in the form of multiple spreadsheets. Well this information in a way has tarnished the reputation of Securus Technologies recently it was found that this information was inaccurate and that Securus still holds all of their patents for all their products and services. This is great information for Securus customers, who rely upon the company for their communication needs, especially when you consider the fact that most of them are unable to interact with people outside of where they currently reside.


Inmates currently living within the American penal system deal with a number of issues, one of them being open communication with family members and friends. Securus seeks to find solutions to these problems and we were to meet their customers needs, which is such a consumer based society it is important that the right products are available for the right customer.