Academy of Art University’s Use of Augmented Reality

The city of San Francisco, California, is one of America’s most premier municipalities. It’s the fourth-most populous city in the state of California, and it’s a major hub for culture and finance. The Academy of Art University is one of the city’s main attractions and for good reasons. This for-profit school has helped to produce some of the most talented individuals that work in the fields of entertainment, liberal arts and fashion. The school has well-over 12,000 students and in totality, it has more than 1,300 teachers. Graduate degrees, online programs, undergraduate degrees and certificate programs are all being offered here.

The Academy of Art University is undergoing a major project to help make the city’s Tenderloin district a safer place to work and reside. Academy of Art University’s School of Game Development has introduced an innovative application that will use augmented reality to find solutions for civic and social situations. The application is known as Tenderfeels, and it will harvest real-time data, which will share the moods of the area’s many residents. These moods will be in relation to how the residents feel about their surroundings. In other words, each block of the Tenderloin district will have emojis that represents how the people feel. The idea is rather genius as the emoji/moods will be described as “joyful,” “angry,” “disgusted” and so on. This smartphone application was presented to San Francisco’s Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation. The organization will use the data to identify problem areas much more effectively.

The Academy of Art University is always making progressive movements. The school has been around since 1929, and it is said to be the largest property owner in San Francisco. The school offers guided tours, has open exhibits and provides student housing. Some of its former-graduates are Raven Symone, Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag.

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