Tips and Insights on Post Trump Investment Market for the year 2017

To many investors, 2017 is a dubious year with its massive uncertainties. As the Trump administration is taking on power for policy making, everyone is anxious with how Federal Reserves will act in 2017. On top of that, recent reforms from major players such as China, Europe, Japan has also mystified the stock market even more. But there are a couple of investment experts that people can rely on.

Among them, Timothy Armour or Tim Armour is a prominent portfolio manager based on Los Angeles who has been helping investors with his intuitive insights on the investment market.

Tim has become a legend in the investment market with his intensive and hands-on exposure. He now serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group, one of the largest investment firms in the country. With $ 1.4 trillion in secured funds, this is a leading investment firm. Tim also serves as the President of Capital Group’s Management Committee as well as Principal Executive Officer and Chairman of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. In addition to directing Capital Group, Tim also helps a number of investors through his strategic insights on the investment market.

Unlike other investment specialists, Tim has a different outlook on the market trends. While everyone was disappointed with the Market Selloff of September 2015, Tim sees this as a corrective measure by the Chinese authorities. He argues that even though the market was doing pretty good at that time, the stocks were overvalued. Hence, it was an inevitable move from China to stabilize the market through devaluation of its currency. To him, this is a natural consequence, and the investors just need to be cautious with this. He also suggests his investors to seek active fund managers who are willing to invest along with their clients. As these active managers also invest with their customers, they are more keen to ensure return on their investment. Tim also predicts that 2017 would be a good year for the investors as Federal Reserves has already increased their interest rates, the corporate earnings are expected to rise and major players like China and Japan are going to turn around with their economic reforms. Hence, he is advising the people to invest in banks, internet, and commodity-based companies in this year.

Tim has been working with Capital Group for more than 33 years, and he led this group to highest apex of success under his leadership. Very recently, Capital Group has formed a strategic partnership with Samsung Asset Management from Korea and now developing financial solutions for this new market.