The Trabuco

A trabuco was used in the middle ages and was used as a catapult to fling objects over walls and such. It was also used to smash down walls that happened to be in the way of the opposing user. The catapult was used to tear down as much as was needed and to tear down whatever was in the way of the user. A lot of hard work went into doing this.

A lot projectiles was able to be launched fro the trabuco and this was used to tear down anything that happened to be in the way. There was alot people that was used to build the trabuco but when the work was finished they were able to enjoy their work and see how their work was completed and were able to enjoy. Multiple projectiles were able to launched form the trabuco and there could be lots of things were launched from this device including bodies. Bodies were launched from this during a biological warfare that happened to start and built up to the moment. According to this device was used a lot to get the opposing team. Many people did hard work to make the trabuco and this was shown through its effectiveness.


Many people did not like this device because trabuco made war very hard. It made was extra hard because of its effectiveness. This was effidant through the way it was used. It comes from the old sling. It comes from the old sling and is used to combat anything that may in the way of the opposing team. It is just like an old sling and it definitely comes from that. Transforms potential energy into kinetic energy this is definitely evident through the use of the sling like device. The trabuco was very liked by others also because of its effectiveness reported on

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