Wine While You Work

The Traveling Vineyard is a rapidly growing company that employs an abundant amount of self-reliant and congenial people. It seems the company was reinvented in 2010, when the previously bankrupted company was purchased by a new owner.

At first, the company appeared to be just like any other website looking to easily promote their items, but with further investigation it’s clear the company is way more supportive than that.

When you first join Traveling Vineyard, they assign you a leader from your region. This leader helps you train to be an expert Wine Guide, or the people who host events and inform guests. They can answer any and all questions you may have. Your leader can then allow you to shadow their own events, or help you find someone who lives closer. This gives you time to build confidence before hosting your own events. It’s easy to feel at ease with the friendly coworkers and jubilant atmosphere.

You are also given access to an online training center with in-depth videos to help you become a better Wine Guide. With Sommology, an online or in-person experience that makes pairing wine and food easy and fun, and the Success Kit you get when you join, their is no way to fail! The company also hosts an annual “Harvest” conference for members that is designed to make learning fun and laid-back. There are also regional events that are enjoyable and provide in-depth knowledge for beginners.

This company is a low-pressure and friendly business to work for. The constant support and easy training system makes for a relaxing transition from coffee at the office, to wine at home. Traveling Vineyard makes it fun and easy to truly be happy with your stay-at-home job.

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